FONATUR to Turn Huatulco into a Sustainable Tourism Destination
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FONATUR to Turn Huatulco into a Sustainable Tourism Destination

Photo by:   Image by morcuetto from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 06/02/2023 - 11:17

The National Fund for Tourism Promotion (FONATUR) signed an agreement to turn Huatulco into a tourism destination with a “human touch,” as the government of Oaxaca and the fund seek to limit developments in the area that could overwhelm the region’s natural resources. 

Javier May, Head, FONATUR, and Salomón Jara Cruz, Governor of Oaxaca, signed an agreement during a ceremony held in the state’s capital, seeking to fulfill a presidential instruction to redirect tourism activity with an inclusive approach in Huatulco. The agreement aims to turn the city into a responsible tourism destination that respects the environment while promoting tourism. FONATUR explained that Huatulco captures 45% of the tourism economic impact of Oaxaca with only 17% of its visitor influx, said the organization via a press release. 

May stated that the purpose of this agreement is to fulfill a presidential instruction to ensure that tourism resources benefit communities. The agreement seeks to bring human touch to tourism and to transform the city into a responsible tourism destination that respects the environment.

Huatulco is beginning a new era in the country's tourism developments, where public assets will strengthen the environment, protect archaeological sites and promote equitable development through the Integral Planned Center of Huatulco. This center seeks to protect marinas, archaeological sites and natural areas. 

Saymi Pineda Velasco, Oaxaca's Minister of Tourism, emphasized the economic impact of Huatulco, which benefits more than 29,000 families in the region directly and indirectly. "It will no longer be a destination prone to privatization but a destination for everyone, benefiting the communities and its people. The era of excessive exploitation of natural resources comes to an end and it is time for species protection. This is the transformation of tourism development in Mexico," says Pineda.

AXA Mexico Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently announced a project to prevent deforestation and promote regenerative agriculture practices in Oaxaca by sowing 130,000 trees with a 93% survival rate. The project began in November 2021, when AXA and WWF provided training to farmers from the Copalita-Zimatan-Huatulco Basin in Oaxaca on sustainable production practices. 

Berenice Valencia, Deputy Director of Sustainability, AXA Seguros, and Director, Fundación AXA Mexico, highlighted the importance of forest conservation in the fight against climate change, as it contributes to clean air, carbon capture and soil protection. “Mexico has lost a lot of forests due to fires and logging,” she pointed out during an interview with El Economista, as reported by MBN.

Photo by:   Image by morcuetto from Pixabay

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