José Daniel Vargas De la Sierra
Senior Partner
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Getting Back on Track in the Face of Adverse Events

By José Daniel Vargas De la Sierra | Wed, 11/04/2020 - 09:34

As time goes by and environments become increasingly familiar, global transformations modify social, economic and cultural behaviors. These changes then become the new forms of permanence and interaction. 

We have a strange tendency to believe that life on Earth depends on our human and finite existence, that the world is helpless in the face of our insistence on inhabiting it. The only thing certain about this, however, is that the world has shown the power to restructure itself over and over again for millions of years, leaving behind any attempt against its organic perfection. We must take this as a paradigm of how, regardless of adversity, humankind must be constantly prepared for the future, with each of us taking on the role and responsibility in this important moment of transition to see life in a new way.
The wills of entire continents have been scourged by global diseases, demonstrating the impotence of governments, which are unable to respond effectively to emerging issues that seem less and less controllable. Therefore, this is the moment to pay attention to the very clear indications of change, a change that requires greater initiative, and leave behind government paternalism and institutional policies that only suffocate creative thinking.

This moment calls for reflection and questioning, driving us to develop dynamics and thoughts that bring us closer to collective work and individual responsibility for all and everything. A countless number of possibilities and dynamics can emerge from this and be the spearhead for the integration of organizations that increasingly seek the collective and not just personal good.

Since its origins, BXH has grown under the conviction of being a source of employment and encouragement for each of the individuals who make up the company, growing under the duty of having a greater awareness to give and not just to reach out a hand to receive. These guiding principles force us to make significant changes constantly, without losing the belief that people’s growth is intimately linked to the company's growth. Not all changes, however, produce immediate, successful results. Many of them require awareness of the process, design of strategies and care to preserve the company's mission at a global level. All this determines the result that, without a doubt, influences the great individual and organizational growth.

An unprecedented moment in the company's history arises after years of learned methodology and the collection of so many personal and collective experiences. For many more organizations across the planet, this moment will undoubtedly set their pattern and direction. This is, therefore, the moment within the organization to redesign our activities and roles. The strengths of the teams and the individual contribution each member makes to the project must be looked at closely. We believe, more and more, that if this essential factor is neglected, teams will increasingly lose interest in belonging to a group. In this sense, it is fundamental that the leaders of each organization focus all the energy and self-critical ability of their teams on correcting weaknesses and evaluating strengths within each activity they perform. Such activities test the capabilities of each individual with true responsibility and awareness that the work begins from the very core of each person. In turn, these dynamics will make the teams identify more with the exponential growth of the companies they belong to.

Perhaps where something so simple can become so complex is where it all starts to make sense. Redesigning the work role is everyone's task, just as the sum of efforts and looks from different angles enrich skills, and particularly, the ability to drop activities that are no longer relevant today. And so, restructure, with mindfulness and responsibility, as many times as necessary, but always with the desire to contribute to the welfare of all.
For all the above reasons, the phrase that is the banner of the company has never made so much sense: "Building efficient and quality interiors for the benefit of all." We have built corporate interiors for countless businesses that need our services for over 15 years, but today, not only is our job to build office interiors, more than ever, our mission is to build for the benefit of all from the inside.