Felipe Martínez
Director General
General Paint

Greener Paints, Higher Quality

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 16:30

Thanks to an increased demand for green building certifications such as LEED, the construction industry is demanding more eco-friendly products. Since these building certifications include specific requirements in terms of paint and coatings, more sustainable buildings mean a demand for more eco-friendly paint. According to Felipe Martínez, Director General of General Paint, the adoption of sustainable products that deliver environmental advantages is the new market trend. “We expect that a shift toward sustainable paints that offer an ecological benefit is a future trend that will happen slowly,” he says. Martínez highlights that while demand for these products in the Mexican architecture market is still small compared to the size of the market, General Paint expects it to experience significant growth in the future.
Originally founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1911, General Paint’s operations became 100-percent Mexican in 1996. “From that point on we focused our operations completely on catering to the needs of the Mexican market and eventually also Central America and the Caribbean,” says Martínez. The company has a manufacturing facility located in Lerma, State of Mexico, that supports its operations.
General Paint focuses mainly on industrial and architecture with high-quality products including everything from paint to solvents, epoxy coverings and waterproof coatings. “We develop sustainable products for architecture and focus on meeting the demands of this segment,” says Martínez. The company also produces special coatings oriented to the petrochemical, mining and construction industries.