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High-Quality Polycarbonates to Control Light, Heat Transmission

By Jan Hogewoning | Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:42

Q: What added value do your products bring to the real estate sector?

A: DanPal is a world leader in quality and new technology. We have developed many new products focused on thermal-translucent systems. They are sheets of different layers and thicknesses that provide big advantages in achieving penetration of natural light  while reducing heat exchange and controlling shading and light diffusion. This also leads to health benefits.

We all want natural light, which offers great benefits to human beings. However, when we talk about natural light, we immediately think of heat or the discomfort of being under a glass cover. One of the most important aspects of natural light is heat transmission. Through the different systems, thicknesses and internal structure of each sheet we offer, we can achieve different light, heat and shade transmissions.

DanPal products started arriving in Mexico 20 years ago. However, 11 years ago we partnered with DanPal manufacturers in Israel to form a joint venture in Mexico. Our association is dedicated to the marketing and installation of DanPal systems.


Q: How do you deal with demand for cheaper, lower quality products?

A: DanPal Company is a world leader in technology and development in its field, but above all in quality. The latter is reflected in our materials and the protection they offer against UV radiation. We have five to six times more UV protection than any other similar product in the market. Although there are many who try to emulate our products, neither the system nor the sheets are the same. This obviously makes the difference in price significant. Due to the low quality of other products in the market, most architects no longer want to hear about polycarbonates, because they change color, break or do not meet the needs. This complicates our situation because it is difficult to change their perception. However, once they try our solutions and see the quality, durability and benefits that DanPal offers, we have a great competitive advantage in the market. 

Our biggest participation is in commercial spaces. The translucent sheet systems that we offer are widely used on roofs that we have installed at large shopping malls and stadiums, such as the BBVA Stadium in Monterrey, where the entire internal perimeter strip is made of DanPal products. These significantly reduce heat without affecting light transmission. In Europe, there are many stadiums that have the products we offer.

Our products can also be used indoors, providing a pleasant experience. Today, translucent facades with high resistance allow the possibility of having illuminated areas. Most of us are looking for natural light but we do not want heat or glare, nor do we want cold. Although there is intelligent glass that offers these advantages, it has a much higher cost and a greater weight. The foundations of the building must be reinforced to support the weight of these crystals. The savings offered by our products are significant against glass. Additionally, despite being plastic, DanPal products contribute to the environment by reducing the use of air conditioning or heating and electrical energy in general. 


Q: What partnerships in real estate and construction would facilitate your growth in the Mexican market?

A: We have worked extensively with commercial developers and construction companies. One of the problems with construction companies is that they usually look for the cheapest material before quality and durability. However, when we have the opportunity to deal with the developer or owner of the building, whether it is a hospital, hotel, shopping center or school, they prefer the quality, durability, warranty and other advantages offered by DanPal systems. 

Due to the pandemic, there is increased demand for open spaces, such as terraces in restaurants, open areas in hotels and shopping malls. Natural light can never be replaced by artificial lighting. Studies show that natural light increases performance in schools by 14 percent and in factories by 18 percent, while in offices its impact is 12 percent. In commercial warehouses, it has been found that sales increase by up to 25 percent with natural light.


DanPal Mexico offers a wide range of roofs, facades, interior design elements and coverings for buildings that are adjusted to weather conditions to provide optimal lighting, temperature control and long life spans.

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