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Highways and Rural Roads Not a Priority in 2021

By MBN Staff | Thu, 09/17/2020 - 17:56

The construction of rural roads is considered one of the federal government's priorities, as it is seen as a strategy to increase employment and reactivate the industry. However, unlike other projects such as the Mayan Train, it saw a decrease in the budget for 2021. According to the Federal Expenditure Budget Bill (PPEF), rural roads will cost MX$6.8 billion (US$325 million) to build 210km, a reduction of MX$1.4 billion (US$69.12 million) compared to the PPEF of 2020.

Investment projects include the Los Herrera-Tamazula road in Durango, the completion of the Badiraguato Parral road in Sinaloa and the construction of the San Ignacio-Tayoltita rural road between Durango and Sinaloa. In addition, the budget considers the construction of 68.0km of the federal road network, as well as the conservation and reconstruction of 1,180km and technical studies for 2,200km of roads and highways. In 2020, the objectives were the modernization of 146.8km of the federal network, the release of the right of way for 100km , as well as the construction and modernization of 20km, conservation and reconstruction of 4,390km and technical studies in 1,800km of roads.

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  • Morán Moguel and the president also formally inaugurated Line 3 of Guadalajara’s light rail system. The project, which represents an investment of over US$1.5 billion, is considered the largest investment project ever made in the state of Jalisco financed in its entirety by the federal government. 


  • The head of the Ministry of Communications and Transport, Jorge Aragiz Díaz Leal, tested positive for COVID-19 after presenting a “few symptoms,” according to a press release. The 77-year-old will isolate himself while continuing to manage SCT matters from home. Despite this setback, SCT’s Deputy Minister Carlos Alfonso Morán Moguel has visited important worksites, such as the Mexico City-Toluca Interurban Train
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