Imperquimia Takes the Heat out of Fire Hazards

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 15:17

One of the new icons of civil construction in Mexico is the new Metropolitan Auditorium, located in Ojo de Agua, State of Mexico. It was built across an area of 147,000m2 and can accommodate up to 13,000 people. The emblematic building required very specific quality and security controls, and IMPERQUIMIA, specialized in chemical solutions for construction, became an important strategic partner.

To safeguard visitors, IMPERQUIMIA provided its water-based fire-protection system Fire Quim® for the columns and beams.
The system gives the premises a three-hour window in the event of a fire, not only providing structural resistance, but also
allowing vital security and evacuation time for the people that 231 visit the auditorium. The technology used in IMPERQUIMIA’s formulation prevents peeling and smoke formation, eliminating the risks of intoxication in the disaster areas.

Fire Quim® is a barrier against fire, which can be applied as a coating on metal structures. When exposed to the fire, this coating expands from 35 to 40 times its original thickness, twice as much as competing products. The coating gradually becomes an insulating foam that protects the metal substrate and prevents it from reaching its critical yield temperature (approximately 538°C), reducing the possibility of structural damage and collapse.

A sublimating product, it absorbs an enormous amount of heat and provides real protection to the metallic substrate, preventing it from losing its mechanical properties due to high temperatures. The technology is completely flame retardant, withstands high temperatures on direct fire and is nonconductive, preventing the flames from spreading to other areas. Tests show the coating perfectly withstands four hours of exposure to direct heat, where the average temperature of the hot surface is 1,100°C. In this instance, the maximum temperature of the metal reaches 204°C. The technology was awarded the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certificate for sustainability and the use of this product helps to add points for LEED certification.

IMPERQUIMIA, a company with more than 50 years of experience in Mexico, is one of the most reliable suppliers in the construction industry. It has a vast portfolio of chemical products and solutions for any infrastructure project, including products that promote sustainability. It has the technical ability to customize solutions according to the client’s needs. All of the above gives IMPERQUIMIA unique qualities that makes it the perfect strategic partner for any great builder.