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Innovation, Perseverance: Keys for the Future of the Sector

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 07/08/2021 - 19:53

This week, DG Impianti Industriali’s Giuliano Cacciatore discusses how the pandemic hit the company’s business model and the strategies implemented to move past it. Meanwhile, Rizoma’s Marco Vidal addresses the potential of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) model and how companies can unlock it. Finally, Javier García, CEO of IOS Offices, gave several recommendations for companies to adjust to change.

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Perseverance, Adaptation Drive Success in Challenging Year: Giuliano Cacciatore, Mexico Director at DG Impianti Industriali

Cacciatore explored the lessons learned during 2020 and highlighted the role of perseverance in the company’s strategies. DG Impianti Industriali, explained Cacciatore, is developing training programs to build its local workforce. He added that Mexico is an incredibly resourceful location that offers numerous opportunities. Read more here!

Legislation, Adoption, Education Needed to Unlock BIM’s Potential: Marco Vidal

Managing Partner at Rizoma

Vidal addressed the different areas Rizoma has developed in recent years. “Although our firm focuses on consulting for design and virtual construction, we provide BIM services, as well as implementation and consulting,” he said. Vidal also explained that standardization and innovation are extremely important for the infrastructure sector and can bring immediate benefits. Moreover, he highlighted the need to adopt out-of-the-box thinking. “BIM changes the traditional creative process for companies as it requires thinking in 3D,” he said. Read more here!

Culture of Accountability and Innovation: Javier García, CEO & Co-Founder at IOS Offices

García narrated the experiences different businesses faced under the new normal. Under the increasing uncertainty, García urged companies to follow three simple steps to address the new challenges that are arising: 1) face the brutal facts; 2) united companies stand, and divided they fall; and 3) that companies need a growth mindset. Read more here!

National news

Cablebus Lines 1 and 2 to Being Operating in July

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mayor of Mexico City, confirmed that both of Cablebus’s lines will begin operations in July. Line 1, which connects Cuautepec to Indios Verdes is set to begin operations on July 11, while Line 2 which connects Constitución de 1917 to Santa María, will begin operations on July 27. Read more here!

SCT to Invest Up to MX$50 billion in Road Infrastructure

Jorge Nuño Lara, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, introduced a multi-year program for federal highways and rural roads called the “Strategy for the Roads for Wellbeing 2021-2023,” which includes 26 road works that represent an investment of over US$1.91 billion.  The program aims to provide different regions in the country with more efficient road communications and enable access to social and economic development for marginalized populations. Read more here!

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