Logistik Industrial Park a Home Away from Home

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 16:44

Located in Mexico’s heart in San Luis Potosi, LOGISTIK Industrial Park offers assets and commodities that surpass expectations. Even though it is already positioned as the largest industrial park in the country, that is only the beginning of what this lustrous property has to offer.

Day after day the global market becomes increasingly competitive and demands more out of the industry than
ever before. Due to this, it is of utmost importance that the needs of manufacturers are met with the best care and
personalized attention there is to offer. LOGISTIK Industrial Park is familiar with these needs as it has worked with 183 manufacturers that are established in its installations as well as potential clients. No longer is it only about competitive labor costs and location, there are other needs that must be met and desires that companies crave to have satisfied as they expand into new markets.

As the Park moves into a new era not only with high-end clients such as BMW, GM, Eva Group, Minghua and LÓreal, among others, it also moves into a new administration. Directed by Armando Moreno, the team seeks the complete fulfillment of its members, providing an industrial community focused on logistics, sustainability, security and commercial adaptability. LOGISTIK Industrial Park offers solutions for the members of its community, facilitating not only the availability of services such as energy, water treatment plants, natural gas and optic fiber, but also special attention to client needs such as security, transportation advantages with the NAFTA corridor and rail facilities operated by Kansas City Southern.

LOGISTIK Industrial Park caters to the needs and desires of its community and makes sure that they find their home away from home in a city that offers an optimal climate of 18-24°C, with beautiful historical sites and a variety of museums and cultural events, first class shopping centers, recreational parks, and enjoyable golf clubs where relaxation and entertainment is easy to find. The park is located not only in a strategic location for business but also for travel and pleasure, close to the three most important cities in the country and to cities that are rich in culture and capture the visitor’s eye with their beauty. Among these cities are San Miguel de Allende, Real de Catorce, Xilitla and the Huasteca Potosina, which offer a wide range of options for the adventurers who enjoy Eco Tourism. LOGISTIK Industrial Park is not only the largest industrial park in the country, it is also a community and a home away from home.