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López Obrador's Key Infrastructure Projects in the Spotlight

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 06/29/2022 - 17:17

Mexico’s government opened a consultation for society to asses the viability of Mayan Train’s Section 5 South, after the publication of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). During the upcoming anniversary of his electoral triumph, López Obrador will inaugurate the Dos Bocas refinery in his home state of Tabasco. In addition, Mexico City’s authorities say that the fact Metrobus’ Line 3 will be fully electric sets a precedent for other transportation systems in how to electrify their fleet.

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Mayan Train Section 5 South Consultation Creates Controversy

Civil society continues to resist the construction of the Mayan Train Section 5 South, a key part of one of President López Obrador's flagship infrastructure megaprojects. Following the suspension of the project's construction by a federal judge in May, 2022, FONATUR and SEMARNAT published the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), since its absence caused the project's suspension. As part of the attempts to reactivate construction, federal authorities called for a consultation to assess the project's viability. However, civil organizations said the consultation process was found to be lacking.

President to Inaugurate Dos Bocas Refinery in July

On July 1, 2022, the Dos Bocas Refinery will become the second major infrastructure project of President López Obrador to be inaugurated. The chosen date for its inauguration is significant, as it celebrates the fourth anniversary of López Obrador’s electoral triumph.

Metrobus’ Line 3 to Be Fully Electric

Mexico City’s Major, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that the city will have the first fully-electric mass transportation line in the country, via the acquisition of new electric units for Line 3 of the Metrobus system.

SICT Must Spend Less on Highway Maintenance

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) released its work program for 2022, where it has set the goal to maintain 82 percent of federal highways in good or acceptable conditions. Nevertheless, the ministry will need to reach this goal using fewer resources.

Florida Identifies Interoceanic Corridor Trade Opportunities

Florida, one of the largest states of the US in terms of GDP, is looking for business opportunities in the country’s southern region, examining the logistical advantages that the Interoceanic Corridor could bring.

To Boost Tourism, Cruise Ship Ports Need Revamping

Although Mexican ports being among the most visited in the world, they lack adequate infrastructure to receive large cruise ships, affecting the country’s competitiveness in receiving visitors, said Arturo Musi, President, Mexican Association to the Attention of Touristic Cruise Ships (AMEPACT).

French Senate Grants Medal to Alstom’s CEO for Mexico

The French Senate granted a Merit Medal to Maite Ramos, CEO, Alstom Mexico. Alstom, an originally French multinational, is one of the largest cargo operators and train manufacturers in Mexico. This is the first time a Mexican woman is granted the medal.

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