Mayan Train Authorities Could Take Land By Force
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Mayan Train Authorities Could Take Land By Force

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Thu, 11/11/2021 - 18:17

Hotel owners located near the planned route of the Cancun-Tulum segment of the Mayan Train have reported receiving urgent correspondence from local authorities representing the project asking for an appointment to negotiate the purchase of their land or risk having it taken by force. The proposed prices of this purchase represent 10 percent of that land’s market value, reports Crónica.  

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New investment for Manzanillo Port: AMLO

President López Obrador announced that as part of his anti-smuggling initiative, he will allocate a budget of US$98 million to improve the port of Manzanillo. The president explained that the resources will come from a US$4.4 billion trust, which will be used for the renovation of ports and customs in the country. “We are going to invest in infrastructure to improve everything related to the port in Manzanillo. We are also going to carry out a comprehensive program to solve road problems and other difficulties faced by the population. This investment is important since the port is the one that moves the most goods in the country."

Private Real Estate Developments Could Play Larger Role in Net Zero

The fight against climate change must involve the cooperation of all parties; to join the fight, private companies could turn to green buildings, one of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways to contribute to a zero-carbon economy, said Alicia Silva Villanueva, President of SUMe.“The participation of the industrial and the private sectors toward net zero carbon initiatives will be essential, otherwise addressing climate change will be impossible,” she added. 

Mexico City Is A Renters’ Commercial Market: JLL Mexico

Commercial office spaces remain largely unoccupied in Latin America, a trend that will only grow as pre-pandemic development projects are completed, said Pedro Azcue, CEO of JLL Mexico. "The oversupply in the commercial rental market has allowed renters to emerge as unequivocal winners but places owners at a growing disadvantage," he added. Of Mexico City’s almost 7.5 million m2 of commercial office space inventory, roughly 1.8 million m2 remains available, concentrated mainly in Santa Fe with 22 percent, followed by Polanco with 15 percent and Insurgentes Sur with 12 percent of the total market.

Sustainable Construction Now a Necessity

In sustainable real estate, sustainable materials, smart technologies and the retrofit of existing infrastructure are key steps, argue industry experts. Even if costs were to be higher, their consideration might be well worth the investment, said Luis Alberto Vega, Director of Sustainable Development for Mexico at globally leading glass maker Saint-Gobain. For manufacturers, cost concerns are also not the most pressing concern. “When designing solutions, companies need to ensure that designs improve life quality, meet regulatory norms and satisfy the needs of modern buildings,” he said. Vega furthermore explained that Saint-Gobain further boosts the sustainability of its glass by recycling the materials the company uses in its industrial processes.

Photo by:   FONATUR

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