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Mayan Train Bridge Begins Construction

Thu, 10/07/2021 - 17:31

FONATUR has begun the construction of a bridge for the Mayan Train project that travels over the Usumacinta River near the town of Tenosique, Chiapas. This is one of the few and possibly most important bridges that will be built on the train’s route, since Tenosique will be one of the train’s few stops in its first segment from Palenque to the Campeche city of Escarcega. According to FONATUR’s statements to Inmobiliare, the bridge is being built with a train that can reach speeds of up to 160km/h in mind.  

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Infrastructure Projects Play A Role In Economic Recovery: Banxico

In its 2Q21 Regional Economies Report, Banxico noted that Mexico’s southern and southeastern states have seen accelerated rates of economic recovery from the pandemic, partly as a result of a 5.8 percent increase in construction activity. This increase has been linked to the government’s flagship infrastructure projects, particularly the Mayan Train, the Dos Bocas refinery and the Transisthmic Corridor, along with the development of hydraulic infrastructure in the Tabasco capital of Villahermosa.

Lawmakers “Impressed” With New Airport

A group of 81 congressmen and congresswomen from parties opposed to the ruling MORENA coalition toured the under construction facilities of the new Felipe Ángeles Airport in Santa Lucia and spoke to the media present at the event. They admitted that they were very impressed with the airport and with the potential role it aims to play in the country’s development, according to a report from Reporte Indigo. 

More Road Infrastructure Investments To Come: SCT

Speaking at the XXIII National Meeting of Land Roads, held in Oaxaca and powered by the Mexican Association of Land Roads Engineering (AMIVTAC), SCT head Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, stated the importance of connecting Mexico to well-developed roads: “They force us to work tirelessly to achieve a more efficient, safe and inclusive mobility, that respects nature and promotes the well-being of the population. Currently, our country requires progress in new projects and mobility systems, which allow us to be in better conditions to face the new times.” Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Jorge Nuño Lara stressed that an investment of US$420 million is planned for the Conservation and Maintenance Program, plus US$352 million for conservation projects made by public-private associations in 2022.

Tijuana Organization Promotes Women In Cargo Infrastructure

In an effort to position women as cargo operators in Mexico´s transportation industry, a Tijuana-based association is seeking to formalize the inclusion of women in the industry, while fulfilling a 20 percent cargo operator gap. The Association of Women Operators (AMO) was founded in Tijuana in 2021 and it currently represents approximately 30 women that have between five to 10 year-working experience in the sector. “AMO was born due to the lack of operators that we have in the region and also because of the need to include women in the freight transportation industry, given that in this region, there were no female cargo operators,” said Paola Moncada, President of AMO.

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