Mayan Train Construction Unearths New Relics
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Mayan Train Construction Unearths New Relics

Photo by:   FONATUR
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Thu, 11/04/2021 - 18:27

While surveying underground lakes (known as cenotes) near the archeological site of Chichen Itza, archeologists working as part of the Mayan Train’s construction team unearthed a canoe believed to have been built over a millennium ago. This Mayan artifact has been dated to the Terminal Classical period (830-950 AD); it will be sent to a laboratory in The Sorbonne for further analysis, reports El País

Ready for more? Here’s the Week in Infrastructure!

SEDATU Unveils Infrastructure Investment Plan for Communities Along Mayan Train Route

As part of the federal effort to maximize investment and economic growth in the communities that surround the Mayan Train’s route, SEDATU has announced its plans to invest in 170 infrastructure projects in 19 municipalities that surround the train’s construction. A total of US$254.53 million will be spent on these projects, the majority of which will be allocated to housing infrastructure, reports La Jornada

Major Infrastructure Projects to Be Shielded From Privatization by SEDENA: AMLO

President López Obrador said today that the priority projects of his government, such as the Mayan Train and the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, would be shielded against privatization because they will come under the auspices of a company managed by SEDENA. “We have already made a decision to protect these projects because, if the corrupt neoliberals return, they will want to privatize what they could not or did not have the time to deliver. They call this divestiture and it is the euphemism they have used since the time of Carlos Salinas. They invented the divestiture of non-strategic companies, including Telmex, Cananea, Ferrocarriles. Nothing was strategic,” said the president.

New UPS Infrastructure to Be Built for Smart City Support 

Mexican company Complet is developing technology to serve as a basis for UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) infrastructure in Mexico City. UPS infrastructure enables the sustained electrical backup and equipment protection necessary to support smart city tech, such as intelligent urban mobility. A form of it currently supports Mexibus transportation. UPS-based electrical backup is one of the five largest growing markets for information technologies, as this innovation is the basis on which today’s servers, equipment and vital infrastructure support advanced communications and intelligent urban mobility options. "We are betting on developing world-class national technology that adapts to the real demands of infrastructure and urban mobility located in extreme and tropical geographic zones, as well as to the country's current electrical infrastructure," said Horacio Aguirre, Complet’s Commercial Director.

IMT To Build New Innovation Center

The Mexican Transport Institute (IMT) has announced its plans to develop a national intelligence center for transport infrastructure and logistics innovation. This center will digitize data from Mexico’s infrastructure and logistics hubs, making the country’s supply chains more competitive. The center aims to encourage the digitization of Mexico’s infrastructure operations while improving their design and maintenance. IMT also expects to promote collaborative work within different federal dependencies to make logistics operations more effective.

Photo by:   FONATUR

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