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Mayan Train Diverts Course, Line 12 Reconstruction Begins

By Emilio Aristegui | Thu, 09/09/2021 - 19:19

The Mayan Train to take a new peripheral route as the project’s directors seek to save time and money. Meanwhile, analysts gave Mexico City’s government suggestions for the reconstruction of Subway Line 12.

Good news! As Mexico is set to grow its infrastructure industry in 2022.

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Mayan Train Set for Modified, Faster Route

Rogelio Jiménez Pons, Director General of the National Fund for the Protection of Tourism (FONATUR), informed through a government press release the need to change routes for the Mayan Train as new analysis indicated better options for the road. “The modification moves the route of the Mayan Train project through San Francisco de Campeche, so the roads will no longer enter the city center.” This decision will support the train’s effectiveness as the government plans on reducing costs and time saving strategies, “This decision was made as a result of an analysis of costs and time that the relocation process would take, so the new route of the Mayan Train will allow economic and time savings, which are important for the project.”

2021, Rebound Year as Economies Recover and Companies Introduce New Methods

Javier García, CEO of iOS Offices, shared the importance of 2021 as a rebound year for the Mexican economy as well as its US counterpart, as both countries fight to regain their pre-pandemic numbers. “The economies of Mexico and the US are forecast to grow an estimated 6 percent in 2021 as a result of all the efforts that emerged from COVID-19, along with the technological boom that came out of it.” García also stated the importance of introducing innovative methods for infrastructure companies. “Each of our employees has the opportunity to contribute, be heard, live by our values and grow.”

Mexico City Begins Reconstruction Process for Line 12

Mexico City’s Major Claudia Sheinbaum announced new safety measures this week through an official government press release. “Most important is for there to remain an infrastructure, a safe system, a safe line and that construction follows the technical notes and the detailed executive projects developed.” The reconstruction process involved several outside companies and a new commission in charge of the process, as the city seeks to fix damages and build upon new security measures as citizens request better public transportation.


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