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Weekly Roundups

Mayan Train Publishes Key Tender

Thu, 11/12/2020 - 18:20

FONATUR published details of a new tender for the Mayan Train project. Specifically, the tender calls for offers for the procurement, testing and operation of 43 train wagons for the first five segments of the train. Additionally, up to 27 more wagons are also requested in the tender to fulfill needs for higher traffic in segments six and seven, given their proximity to tourist hubs like Cancun and Tulum. The tender describes the procurement and purchase of train components and technology, along with yard space to store, repair and refurnish the wagons. The tender also requests maintenance contracts for up to five years that can fulfill such responsibilities. The registration period goes from November 24 to December 4 of 2020, but the final decision will not be announced until May 26, 2021.     

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INFONAVIT Reform Moves Forward

INFONAVIT head Carlos Martínez presented reforms to the law that will allow loans to go directly to workers, even if they are not active employees. “They will use loans as many times as they need to. Before it was limited to one single loan per worker. This is the largest financial inclusion reform in the country. It will allow around 40 million people who have funds saved to access financing,” reported Martínez. INFONAVIT announced that the government will launch the “Decide and Build” platform by the end of the year, where architects will give advice to workers on how to improve their homes.

Cabinet Holds Flood Meetings 

President López Obrador said the governors from Tabasco and Chiapas discussed the ongoing flooding in both states. SEDENA, Civil Protection, CFE and CONAGUA officials met with Tabasco governor Adán Augusto López and Chiapas governor Rutilio Escandón to discuss the situation and a relief plan for the affected communities. “A comprehensive plan is coming so this doesn’t happen again. It will address the causes,” López Obrador said.

No More Rain In Immediate Forecast: AMLO

President López Obrador said that no more rain is forecast for the immediate future in Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz, after a historic rainfall that swept the region. “It had never rained so much in Tabasco in the last 50 years,” he said. The president highlighted his visit to the affected areas during the weekend, where he warned people that the Peñitas dam had to discharge water because there was a risk that the dam might burst.  There are 13 municipalities in Tabasco that have been severely impacted by floods, Civil Protection head Laura Velázquez reported. “Five casualties, 148,000 people affected, and 35,982 houses flooded,” she said.

Review MCCI Funding: AMLO

President López Obrador asked the NGO Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI), which has been involved in infrastructure controversies  to clarify the origin of its funds, and said that an organizational review will take place. “We have to check if it is legal. We are going to do a review and we are going to clarify (the source of their) contributions,” he said. López Obrador regretted that the conservative media is not reporting on MCCI, and said that, as a result, he has to make the report to the Mexican people at his daily briefing. López Obrador projected photos, presented PDFs with media features and named a group of businessmen, headed by Claudio X. González, who according to the president is creating an opposition front with the PRI, PAN and PRD with the intention of removing him from power. “All against Andrés Manuel,” the president lamented.

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