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Mayan Train To Reach Guatemala

Thu, 11/05/2020 - 18:17

Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei Falla has announced his intention of linking the Mayan Train’s proposed first station in the Mexico state of Chiapas with the project currently denominated the “Guatemala Fast Train,” according to El Sol de Mexico. During a visit to the border town of Tapachula, Giammattei spoke of his plans to make sure that the international agreement that will execute this project will be signed before the end of this year. He claims that the first line connecting the Mayan Train with the Guatemalan border will be built by a company from England and that the full size of the project will total 164km connecting the Guatemalan capital city with the Mayan Train project. He also said that he hopes to connect this project with further rail development in the Transisthmic project to create a train network that connects Guatemala with the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca. 

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Rain in Tabasco Hits New Record

Civil Protection head Laura Velázquez reported that rainfall on Oct. 30 in Tabasco reached a new record that exceeded by nearly 100mm the 380mm reported in 1980. She noted that eight municipalities were severely affected. Among the states most affected by rain from the ninth cold front of the year were Tabasco, Veracruz and Campeche. Velázquez reported that Hurricane Eta has provoked landfalls in Nicaragua and Honduras. “It brings heavy winds and rain that may affect Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Civil Protection remains vigilant,” she said.

President López Obrador Exonerates CFE in Flooding Case 

The president exonerated CFE from the recent Tabasco floods and said houses affected in the southern state were the result of corruption during their construction and planning some years ago. On Wednesday, Tabasco Governor Adán Augusto López accused CFE head Manuel Bartlett of flooding three Tabasco municipalities, claiming he would file charges. López Obrador admitted a miscalculation in water discharged from a CFE dam but defended the approach by the state company experts. “The first try may have miscalculations. I understand the governor of Tabasco, as he is the one who has water at his waist and he is defending the people of Tabasco,” he said about his fellow party member. López Obrador noted that the Navy is coordinating the DN-III armed relief forces in the region.

PROFECO Warns of Fines 

PROFECO head Ricardo Sheffield warned that there will be fines to stores that fail to comply with Buen Fin promotions. “We are going to proceed with fines at first. Until now, there has been a very good response,” he said. Sheffield also recommended people not to use the Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba. “It is the only platform we cannot evaluate and we do not recommend using it. They continue to sell in dollars and do not recognize Mexico’s jurisdiction,” he said.

Border Closure Ruled Out

SRE head Marcelo Ebrard ruled out a total closure of the Mexico-US border in the face of the COVID-19 contingency. The minister said that all recommendations and guidance are being abided and non-essential activities have been limited. Therefore, there is no reason to anticipate a total closure, preventing a further impact on the region. Chihuahua became the first state to revert to red in the epidemiological traffic light, after an increase in cases were reported mostly in manufacturing facilities near the border. Ebrard congratulated the Ministry of Health after the US adopted the Mexican epidemiological traffic light.

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MBN, El Sol de Mexico
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