Mayan Train Will Not Pass Through Playa del Carmen
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Mayan Train Will Not Pass Through Playa del Carmen

Photo by:   FONATUR
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Thu, 01/20/2022 - 18:11

FONATUR authorities have made an official announcement to confirm that the Mayan Train’s route as it crosses the Mayan Riviera will be altered significantly and will no longer pass through Playa del Carmen. This is the second major change made to this segment of the train, which was originally going to run parallel to the Cancun-Tulum highway until complaints from hotel associations made FONATUR change its plans to an elevated route which local businesses approved. Now, an elevated route has been deemed too costly and time consuming, so an alternative route that takes the train away from Playa del Carmen will have to be devised.  

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Highway Tollbooth Occupations Have Decreased: AMLO

President López Obrador said that the illegal occupation of highway toll booths is at minimum levels. "This was a problem inherited from previous administrations; however, this situation has already been resolved," said the president. "Very important savings have been achieved since the plan was launched to release these occupied booths. Some groups obtained income by occupying these booths, but that no longer happens. We are talking about billion peso savings," said López Obrador.

President Announces Cabinet Changes, Including New Chief of FONATUR

President López Obrador announced changes in three federal institutions, despite his COVID confinement. Changes include shifts in the Ministry of Wellbeing (BIENESTAR), FONATUR and SICT. These changes occur as a response to accelerate the Federal Government's key pending infrastructure projects. The most relevant change took place in FONATUR. Former Minister of Wellbeing, Javier May, was appointed as the new chief in charge of the construction of the Mayan Train, considered one of the three key infrastructure projects of the present administration. The Former chief of FONATUR, Rogelio Jímenez Pons, will now become Undersecretary of Transportations at the SICT. Carlos Morán Moguel will become the new General Director of Mexico City International Airport (AICM), leaving his tenure as Undersecretary of Transportations.

Industrial Real Estate Boom in 4Q21

The industrial real estate industry registered a vital recovery and growth in the last quarter of 2021 by continuously adapting to shortages and restrictions and evolving its e-commerce platforms. “With the end of 2021, Mexico hopes to regain the dynamism it had prior to the pandemic, when the economy grew at average rates of 2.7 percent,” reads a report by Mexican platform Solili. The platform forecasts a 5.59 percent growth for 2021, following the 8.3 percent contraction registered in 2020.

Mexico Running Out Of Industrial Real Estate

Industrial’s market 4.0 demand for manufacturing and logistics spaces created a land deficit across Mexico with low potential occupation. Today, developers are prioritizing rapid construction to cover the future market’s needs with industrial building over residentials. The land deficit for industrial development has been mainly identified in Tijuana, Jalisco and Ciudad Juárez, along with the Cuautitlan-Tultitlan-Tepotzotlan (CTT) logistics corridor, however, Mexico City and the State of Mexico still have a 4.3 percent availability, according to reports released this week. 

Photo by:   FONATUR

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