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Mayan Train’s Construction Could Take Longer Than Expected

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 09/08/2022 - 10:00

The Mayan Train project is expected to be inaugurated in December 2023. However, experts are skeptical because construction is behind schedule. The government of López Obrador must prove to SCJN that there is a document that labels the Mayan Train as a national security issue. In other news, according to Grupo Banorte, AFOREs are venturing in areas like infrastructure and energy but there are some challenges to face.

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Mayan Train Will Be Inaugurated on Time: López Obrador

During his Fourth State Address, President López Obrador said the Mayan Train will be inaugurated next year despite construction challenges and opposition against the project. However, media and experts reported that none of the train’s five sections have reached 50 percent of construction progress, meaning the project might require more time.

Judge Probes Mayan Train Status as a Matter of National Security

The National Institute for Information Access and Personal Data Protection (INAI) asked the government to explain why the Mayan Train was considered a “national security” issue and if this denomination is justified. INAI now gained the support of a judge.

AFOREs Interested in Infrastructure Finance Instruments: Banorte

The Mexican Pension Fund Administrators (AFORE) are more likely to invest in infrastructure-related financial instruments, said Grupo Financiero Banorte, during a forum held by the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (IMEF). According to the bank, AFOREs are beginning to take more risks and venturing into the infrastructure and energy sectors.

Informal Construction: Challenge for Mexico’s Housing Issues

Mexico faces several challenges if it is to ensure affordable housing, including a lack of housing availability compared to current demand, economic inequality, insufficient investment in development, informal construction and little access to housing financing, said a report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mexico Valley Airport System Needs Substantial Maintenance

After a slew of incidents revealed the condition of Mexico City International Airport’s (AICM) infrastructure, experts stated that major restoration works are required, particularly at Terminal 2. Others are worried that AICM’s conditions are not an exclusive issue but apply to all airport infrastructure in the Valley of Mexico.

Steel Prices To Decrease as New Plants Open

According to Adriana Carvalho, Head of Metals in LATAM, SP Global Commodity Insights, the opening of new steel plants by Ternium and ArcelorMittal will bring more competition to the market. This will generate pressure to decrease steel prices.


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