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Jorge Noveron
Business Development
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Meeting the Needs of the Growing Pharmaceutical Industry

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 17:17

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated because the slightest error can jeopardize the health of the population. In effect, the design and creation of spaces dedicated to pharmaceutical activity must comply with a wide range of norms that specify everything from the air temperature to the type of paint on the walls. “Pharmaceutical industrial spaces differ greatly from traditional construction,” says Miguel Suaste, Director General at DINTELCO. “The installation phase is particularly challenging because the space does not have any windows and is effectively a completely sealed box to avoid contamination and ensure sterilization.”

DINTELCO decided to expand its focus from the design of prefabricated pieces to pharmaceutical infrastructure as a way to differentiate itself from the competition. “The market has an abundance of companies and we differentiated ourselves by offering integrated solutions in a wide variety of specialties, including pharmaceutical spaces,” says Jorge Noveron, Director of Business Development at DINTELCO.

The pharmaceutical industry in Mexico is the second- biggest market in Latin America and among the top 15 in the world, according to KPMG, representing a large area of opportunity. But it is not an easy sector to enter in terms of construction as each aspect of the industrial space follows its own set of norms and standards. “We need to make sure that we meet the exact specifications requested,” says Suaste. “If a client asks for a space that is exactly 240cm and we do not build as instructed, we could be fined for each additional cubic centimeter due to its impact on the pressurized system.”

To ensure accuracy during construction, the company relies on communication tools and invests time in the planning phase. “We make sure that everyone on the team is well-informed about what needs to be achieved and is familiar with all the norms and regulations,” says Noveron. The team continuously monitors the construction from beginn  models of the structure and elements like air conditioners. These technologies are important in creating accurate, well-structured projects from the outset as changes later on can be more expensive, says Suaste.

Along with compliance and project management, DINTELCO helps the pharmaceutical industry increase sustainability practices. “In the planning phase, we find ways to optimize the entire lifecycle of a project including its maintenance and consumption of resources,” says Suaste. The company achieves this through several methods, including the implementation of water-treatment systems that can treat and reuse rainwater. These systems have the additional benefit of helping companies reduce costs by being more efficient.

Upon completion, the project often goes through a strict verification phase that can take up to six months to confirm compliance and accuracy. This is why the wise use of capital is vital for DINTELCO to develop successful projects. “Many companies tend to spend their down payments quickly and are left without cash flow,” says Noveron. “Because of the long cycles involved in our industry, we prefer to prioritize and use the earnings to reinvest in our projects. It gives our business model more stability and long-term liquidity.”

Its experience in project management and integrated solutions has led prestigious groups such as GACM to seek advice from DINTELCO. “Our track record is strong. We do not move a single rock until we have a master plan that includes the final cost of the project,” says Noveron. “This requires a substantial and intense dedication of time in the planning phase.” Over the last several years, DINTELCO has completed several projects, including eight executive developments with a complete set of services.

The company sees increasing demand for its services in a wide range of sectors, including NAICM. “We want to help iconic projects such as the airport become more efficient,” says Suaste. “Our expertise can help GACM manage all of its project components through a single platform.”