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Mexican Cathedral Joins UNESCO's World Heritage List

By María Fernanda Barría | Wed, 08/04/2021 - 09:03

The World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) incorporated the Franciscan Convent and Cathedral Complex of Our Lady of the Assumption of Tlaxcala to UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The UNESCO reported during its 44th session, held online and chaired from Fuzhou (China) that these monuments are representative of the architectural model adopted by the first missionaries, specifically Franciscans, Dominicans and Augustinians, who evangelized the indigenous populations in the 16th century. The Franciscan Conventual and Cathedral Complex of Our Lady of the Assumption of Tlaxcala is also an example of a new vision of architecture. 

The Tlaxcala's Cathedral is now part of the 14 monasteries located on the slopes of Popocatepetl (in Puebla and Morelos) that were included on the list in 1994 to ensure their adequate conservation.

Some of the criteria considered for recognizing the Franciscan Complex of Tlaxcala as a World Heritage Site are:

"It testifies to a considerable exchange of human values, during a specific period in architecture or technology, monumental arts, urban planning or landscape creation," and "being an eminently representative example of a type of building or architectural or technological ensemble or landscape that illustrates one or more significant periods of human history."

The decorative works in the temple, the cloister and the rooms, and its pictorial program, underline the high quality of the indigenous art masters. They participated in the construction of the Cathedral, its aesthetic and decorative solutions.

The Management Plan for the Franciscan Complex of Tlaxcala combines the planning of projects, strategies, legal, administrative and human resources actions to which Mexico is committed for its protection and conservation in the short, medium and long term.

As previously reported by MBN, UNESCO and SECTUR signed an agreement to promote sustainable tourism in the country last year. This agreement will help both organizations cooperate toward conserving the cultural heritage and making tourism in Mexico more attractive to boost its recovery. 

According to the UN, the agreement between UNESCO and SECTUR aims to generate new jobs, which implies regenerating rural and urban areas and establishing protection protocols for natural and cultural heritage. Miguel Torruco Marqués, Minister of Tourism, and Frédéric Vacheron, Representative of UNESCO in Mexico, signed the agreement. 

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