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Mexican Port Logistics Affected By Chinese New Year

Thu, 01/21/2021 - 19:48

Chinese ports are expected to experience significant disruption from Jan. 20 to Feb. 21 due to celebrations commemorating the Chinese New Year and quarantines. This will affect Mexican logistics and port operations, according to a report from T21. A study from freight forwarder Eternity México reveals that these disruptions will likely result in equipment shortages and supply interruptions at Mexican ports and logistical hubs, especially due to the suspension of feeder vessel services. The study recommends that both public and private parties in Mexico make appropriate preparations for the effects that this disruption may have on supply lines.   

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New Mayan Train Tender Announced

FONATUR has announced that the Mayan Train’s latest tender is expected to be its last public one. A bid is expected to be chosen on Friday, Jan. 29. This tender will determine which contractor will take the lead and build the train’s fifth segment, considered one of the train’s most significant segments since it will run through tourist hotspots Cancun and Tulum. The tender was originally announced in August 2020. Nevertheless, it was cancelled in September after receiving only one bid. The companies now bidding for work on the fifth segment include previous winners and competitors from the train’s other tenders: CICSA, ICA, Mota Engil and La Peninsular, among others.

Transisthmic Corridor Rail Modernization Has a 20 Percent Advancement

Transisthmic Corridor Project Director Rafael Marín Mollinedo reports 20 percent progress in the modernization of the corridor’s existing rail lines despite suffering delays of up to nine months in 2020. According to Marín Mollinedo, the corridor’s short-term objective is to be more efficient in a per-vessel basis, but larger ambitions of the project are more focused on attracting companies that will permanently reside in areas close to industrial parks and manufacturing hubs that are expected to be built in the isthmus. “Fifty full cargo vessels pass through the Panama Canal each day, while our corridor will be able to process one full cargo vessel in that same amount of time at full capacity,” he said.

Biden Suspends Construction of Border Wall

During today’s daily morning press conference, President López Obrador applauded US President Joe Biden’s order to suspend the construction of the border wall. "We wish him the best of luck and we want to emphasize that with my government there will not be any problems. Our governments will be very clear and there will be mutual respect," López Obrador said. Yesterday, President Biden signed a decree that ends the construction of the border wall. With this executive order, the national emergency issued by former President Donald Trump also ended. 

Amazon Builds Warehouses in Yucatan

Shipping giant Amazon has decided to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Mayan Train project by starting the construction of a network of warehouses and industrial parks in the Yucatan peninsula, according to El Financiero. The first warehouse has been finished and is now fully operational near Uman, Yucatan. Despite a reduction in tourism due to the effects of COVID-19 in the region, Amazon has met substantial demand in the market that serves the Merida metropolitan area. 

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