Mexico City Inaugurates First Fully Electric Metrobus Line
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Mexico City Inaugurates First Fully Electric Metrobus Line

Photo by:   Alejandro Orozco
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/22/2023 - 17:27

The government of Mexico City re-inaugurated the Metrobus’ Line 3, which now features a 100% electric fleet. This marks another achievement regarding sustainability for the capital city’s government that in recent years has bet on the electrification of mass transportation systems.

On Feb. 21, 2023, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum relaunched Line 3, which goes from Tenayuca in Gustavo A. Madero to Pueblo Santa Cruz Atoyac in the Benito Juarez municipality, totaling 21km. Line 3 transports the highest number of users of the Metrobus’ seven lines. 

According to the government of Mexico City, replacing all 60 diesel-powered units with electric vehicles (EVs) represents a reduction of 7,500t of CO2/y, the equivalent of planting 45,000 trees. The line’s electrification makes it the first transportation system of its kind in the world. “This is a unique project in the world, there are several cities that feature electric public transportation, but none of them Rapid Bus Transit units,” Sheinbaum added.

The electrification of Line 3 began in 2021, when Mobility ADO, the line’s concession holder, acquired 10 electric units. To boost the project, the company obtained financing from Santander to replace all its units, totaling an investment of MX$900 million (US$49 million). 
The Italy-based energy company Enel oversaw the installing the required battery charging infrastructure at Jupiter station with 25 chargers. The upgrading works required that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) increase the electric power for the system. 

The acquired buses can transport 160 users, feature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and have a 330km range, which is equal to 18h of travel or eight round-trips. 

The China-based company Yutong manufactured the buses. The company is the main provider of EVs for the Claudia Sheinbaum administration, having also sourced units for the city’s Trolleybus and the Passenger Transportation Network (RTP) systems. 

According to Sheinbaum, this is a great step for Mexico City in its path to fully electrify public transport. 

José Pérez, CEO, Mobility ADO, agreed with SHeinbaum and said that the electrification of Line 3 sets a precedent for electromobility in Mexico and Latin America. “We are excited about accelerating the transition to cleaner and smarter transportation. We are moving toward a cleaner and more sustainable city,” he added. 

Mobility ADO is a Mexico-based mobility solutions company. It operates in Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Guatemala. The company manages 130 BRT buses and controls the operation of 7 BRT lines in Mexico City.

Photo by:   Alejandro Orozco

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