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Ministry of Tourism Announced Study to Boost San Luis Potosi

By María Fernanda Barría | Thu, 07/01/2021 - 11:18

Mexico's Ministry of Tourism has indicated the start of two studies in San Luis Potosi that aim to provide a comprehensive vision of development for 2022-2040. Nearly twenty municipalities are likely to be developed in the short, medium, and long term. The state expects to generate and achieve annual economic revenue of nearly MX$130 billion (US$6 million) in the coming years.

Miguel Torruco Marques, Mexico's Minister of Tourism and Juan Manuel Carreras Lopez, Governor of San Luis Potosi, have indicated that the studies will serve as guiding instruments to boost tourism activities. The studies will work as a fundamental premise for a sustainable tourism strategy that will allow communities to participate in the region's economy and introduce tourism products and strategic projects for investment in infrastructure. "The objective is to develop the Huasteca Potosina into an icon of nature in Mexico that would support the tourist activity by employing the integration of a technical, legal, financial, environmental, social, economic, infrastructure and urban image diagnosis," said Torruco Marques. 

Torruco Marques said other relevant aspects are identifying, evaluating, and determining the tourism potential of the region's natural, cultural and rural attractions for their integration and transformation into sustainable tourism products.

The Ministry of Tourism expects to achieve the following goals:

  • Expand in five years the hotel industry of the region.
  • Welcome 300 thousand new tourists every year.
  • Create 7000 new permanent jobs and boost other economic activities in the region, such as agriculture, livestock and handicrafts.

The Ministry indicates that once both studies conclude, the number of resources needed to carry out major projects will be allocated. Juan Manuel Carreras López emphasized that this is a project that will boost the development of tourism in San Luis Potosí, while reactivating the local economy and improve the living conditions of its population. 

Torruco Marques added that this critical project is the foundation that will provide the population more significant opportunities to attract more visitors. For example, through the arrival of flights to the new Huastecas Airport and better connectivity, thanks to highways such as the Ciudad Valles-Tamazunchale highway, which will become a four-lane highway.

Hugo Alberto Delgado Ortega, Technical and Consulting Director of Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA), indicated that the government of San Luis Potosi contributed with 87.3 hectares to the existing 125 hectares, in order to make a total of 212.3 hectares for the polygonal area of the new Huasteca Potosina Airport. "This will double the capacity of commercial aircraft operations from 4 Bravo to 4 Challenger classification and serve between 30 to 350 passengers at peak hours," he said.

San Luis Potosi state's development plan indicates that the state has received more than two million visitors per year in the last three years. Forums and conventions have attracted many tourists and have left economic spillover, particularly in the Central region.

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