Modular Construction: The Future of All Industries
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Modular Construction: The Future of All Industries

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Gonzalo Verón - Modulbox
CEO and Founder


Q: What spurred Modulbox to enter other industries?

A: Modulbox is always innovating in technology. For years, we have focused exclusively on the prefab construction market and have implemented new technologies to manufacture new products. However, we have doubled our engineering, aiming for more detail in our products, which has allowed us to do business in other industries. Due to the pandemic, we installed COVID-19 clinics in record time for the public and private sectors. Now, with the economic reactivation taking place, we have entered the tourism-hotel sector in Tabasco, Queretaro, Valle de Bravo and other tourist destinations.


Q: What are the main characteristics that set Modulbox apart from its competitors?

A: In 2013, we made quality our top priority. Modulbox offers fast, reliable and adaptable systems for any sector. Typically, it takes us four to six weeks to put up a four- to five-story building. We offer a personalized service; if a client has a question or problem, whether a CEO, manager or any other worker, we know how to address it.

Modulbox México is part of an Asian group, having been with Modulbox China since 2015. This has boosted our capacity to around 50,000m2 per month in prefabricated construction. In Mexico, we have around 450,000kg of inventory, with a very fast response time. For projects where it is necessary to manufacture the product, we deliver in under two months. We increasingly are focusing on logistics efficiency.  

Finally, the product can always be reinvented. The system almost always has the same concept in terms of structure and floors, with changes to the interior modulation of doors and windows. This allows our clients to reuse and even change the use of our product, including adaptation to a different sector. Our products have a 50-year service life.


Q: How is your portfolio structured in terms of its distribution between different sectors and industries?

A: Our portfolio in Mexico is very broad. We participate with stores, such as Oxxo and Modelorama. We are also doing business with franchises, especially with pharmacy chains. In addition, we participate with the construction of residences and hotels, in which modular construction has become key for the construction of rooms for both the national and international markets. Moreover, due to the pandemic, our participation in the health sector grew exponentially. When the pandemic began, there was a hospital shortage, so managing time and not wasting it became key for the sector. We provided that ability.

Our business relies on inventories to supply existing markets and any emerging markets that may appear. Our supply chain has no room for error in terms of providing a high-quality service. In Mexico, we have three alliances with distributors, one in the southeastern region, one in central Mexico and one in the north. Our alliances have allowed us to be faster and reach more markets. We understand that each market in these regions is different and has different needs. In the south, for instance, we are becoming familiar with the requirements for the Mayan Train and the Dos Bocas refinery, in the north we mainly provide services to the mining sector and in central Mexico, we mainly serve the health sector and franchises.


Q: What is your most important objective and how are you achieving it?

A: Our goal is for everyone to start thinking of modular and prefab sites as key to today's industries. Modulbox has positioned itself in national and international markets and our customers trust us and our products. We believe the key is to constantly innovate but also to listen to the client’s concerns and proposals. This has allowed us to offer a greater variety of solutions.

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