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Weekly Roundups

New Names at SCT to Start 2021

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 18:12

SCT has named two new leaders for two of its subdivisions this week. On Monday, SCT head Jorge Arganis Díaz-Leal named Carlos Alfonso Lara Esparza as the new leader of the Mexican Transport Institute (IMT), which manages research facilities that test and design transport infrastructure to set regulatory parameters. To learn more about the IMT, you can read our profile on the institute here. This was followed by a new designation today of Rocío Bárcena Molina, a veteran of Mexico’s ports and merchant marine infrastructure, as the new head of Mexico’s postal service, also known as “Sepomex/Correos de México.”

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Discovery of Private Prison Contracts Causes Controversy

SSPC head Rosa Icela Rodríguez said that Genaro García Luna had been linked to contracts related to private prisons and added that US$9.6 billion is owed to the state as part of those contracts. “The signing of these agreements took place during President Felipe Calderón’s presidency when the Secretary of Security was Genaro García Luna,” she said. “We will talk to the providers of these services to reach an agreement. A civil complaint will be prepared to cancel the contracts if there is no settlement,” said President López Obrador.

No Mobility Restrictions: López-Gatell

Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell said that mobility restrictions would not be implemented due to the new variant of COVID-19. “It is possible that this variant will spread throughout the world. However, we cannot restrict mobility,” he said. López-Gatell emphasized that the new variant has greater transmissibility but it does not represent an additional risk.

SEP Launches Learn at Home III Platform

SEP head Esteban Moctezuma announced the launch of "Learn at Home III," a new platform for remote education. "Undoubtedly, mixed education was born in Mexico, which means that public education is already equipped to work both in-person and remotely," he said. With this third version, Moctezuma said that 93 percent of the teachers are equipped and prepared for this challenge.

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