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New Tender for Companies to Participate in the Mayan Train

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 10/21/2021 - 15:45

Alston announced a new tender to find suppliers of rolling stock for the Mayan Train. The first 8 km of track of the Mexico-Toluca railway tunnel expansion plan have been installed. In addition, experts say that the recovery of the construction sector in Mexico has been insufficient. However, the industry is expected to grow in 2022 due to the government's Economic Package that contemplates a large investment budget assigned.

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Tender to Find Suppliers of Rolling Stock for the Mayan Train

Alston has launched a tender for companies in Mexico interested in being suppliers of rolling stock for the Maya Train. The company explained that it is primarily looking for suppliers of electrical, electronic, metallurgical components, and workshop equipment. Alston explained that the tender will be open until Nov. 17 on its website and that companies that meet the requirements and are selected will enter an industrialization evaluation called Quick Industrial Assessment (QIA).

Construction of the Mexico-Toluca Train Tunnel Makes Progress

The first 8 km of track of the 9.4 km Mexico-Toluca railway tunnel expansion plans have been installed, reported the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT). The Ministry also announced that the construction of the road, catenary and electromechanical work of the project is 45.3 percent complete. Likewise, it emphasized the importance of the project since it will be an important mobility connection between Mexico City and the State of Mexico, which will save costs and travel times.

Mexico’s construction sector is expected to grow in 2022

Industry experts say that the growth of the construction industry has been insufficient so far in 2021, since the sector only recovered half of the fall it had in the same period in 2020. In August, the sector reported a growth of 1.9 percent compared to July and a growth of 8.7 percent compared to August 2020, according to INEGI data. However, the sector continues to perform poorly compared to the cumulative contraction of -20.3 percent it had in the first 6 months of 2020. Banorte analysts have said that the outlook for the sector is favorable due to the 2022 Economic Package, which contemplates a high investment budget. Analysts explained that although the investment is mainly for the Felipe Angeles Airport, the Mayan Train and other government projects, it will indirectly benefit other companies that will participate in these works.

Infrastructure Spending to Benefit Mexico's Southern States

Government spending regarding social infrastructure is set to increase in 2022 following a consistent growth since 2016. States like Chiapas, Veracruz, Guerrero and Oaxaca are set to receive the most funds as the government seeks to aid help these communities through social infrastructure works in drinking water, sewers, drainage, electrification, education, health, housing and urbanization.

Kansas City Southern Teams Up with Commtrex

Kansas City Southern (KCS) announced last week that the company has teamed-up with  Commtrex in order to enhance the visibility and connectivity of the KCS network of over 100 transload facilities in the US and Mexico using the Commtrex platform. The team made-up between KCS and Commtrex is in response to the increasingly complex and volatile global supply chains, capacity constraints, labor shortages, rising transportation costs, as well as growing trade throughout North America due to the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement.


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