Nuevo Leon Works to Guarantee Water Security, Attract Investment
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Nuevo Leon Works to Guarantee Water Security, Attract Investment

Photo by:   Government of Nuevo Leon
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Adriana Alarcón By Adriana Alarcón | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 10/12/2023 - 17:21

Nuevo Leon continues to invest and improve its infrastructure, especially amidst the rising question of whether Nuevo Leon has the infrastructure required to sustain foreign investment. In response, Nuevo Leon added another inauguration, now with the company Terex Genie. Furthermore, progress continues to complete the El Cuchillo II project to ensure clean water for the metropolitan population of Monterrey.

The American company Terex Genie, dedicated to manufacturing construction platforms and lifts, solidified its US$140 million investment by inaugurating its new plant in Cienega de Flores. The plant aims to produce three types of people lifts and construction platforms.

During the inauguration, Samuel García, Governor of Nuevo Leon, emphasized that the state is investing in 240 new industrial parks equipped with energy, treated and potable water and public security at entrances and exits.

According to the government of Nuevo Leon, in the two years of Samuel García's as governor, the state has attracted 176 investment projects, amounting to US$27.1 billion. These projects include companies in sectors such as electromobility, information technology and artificial intelligence.

These conditions have benefited the state, including that Nuevo Leon is leading the nation in job creation. The governor also mentioned that a record investment of US$37.5 billion is expected in October. As previously reported by MBN, García said that 76% of the companies entering Mexico are choosing Nuevo León as their location.


El Cuchillo II

As part of the efforts of the Nuevo Leon government to ensure clean water, the El Cuchillo II Aqueduct project was conceived to address drought in the State of Nuevo Leon. The first 1,200 water L per second reached the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey after the first pumping line became operational, and it is expected to yield 5,000 water L per second to guarantee drinking water supply until 2050.

In the project's second stage, an additional 1,200 water L per second will be delivered, and it is anticipated to operate by mid-October. The third and fourth stages, adding 2,400 water L per second each, are set to operate in early December, with the fifth stage coming into operation in mid-December. Once all the pumping systems are in operation, they will cover 30% of the city's demand, benefiting over 5.5 million people.

Photo by:   Government of Nuevo Leon

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