Bruno Pinotti
General Manager
IMI Precision Engineering

Oil Ambitions for Engineering Firm

Tue, 11/01/2016 - 16:05

IMI Precision Engineering believes in competition. It also believes it has an edge. The company, which delivers motion and fluid control solutions, says the more competitive an industry is, the more efficient its processes become, which leads to higher quality and lower prices. The key to success, says company General Manager Bruno Pinotti, is adapting. In a market where companies are increasingly streamlining their supplier base, diversity is another necessity. “We have a wide portfolio of products that most of our competitors lack, meaning customers can purchase a complete solution from only one company,” Pinotti says. Markets geared toward general automation also demand low prices but Pinotti says sectors that require traceability and predictability, such as the automotive industry, value the higher quality of IMI’s products. “Most OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers prioritize efficiency and productivity as their main concerns, so they do not mind investing more in a solution that will eventually help them reduce operational costs,” he says. “The energy sector is similar since maintenance and repair costs are equally high. Most companies prefer to invest in a strong platform from the outset.”

In 2015, IMI Precision Engineering developed a five-year strategy wherein it identified the key developments in each of its markets. “In line with that plan, we will launch new pneumatic products for the automation market in 2017,” he says. “In the automotive industry, we are already working with most Tier 1 companies and OEMs, although we also want to establish a closer relationship with new automakers. For infrastructure, we are focusing on the oil and gas segment now that the market is open to private investment.”