One of Its Kind: Deploying the Shared Network
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One of Its Kind: Deploying the Shared Network

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Tue, 11/06/2018 - 09:36

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The Shared Network is the largest telecommunications initiative in history. The project, rooted in article C6-106 of the Peña administration's initial Government Commitments, pursues the ambitious goal of bridging Mexico's digital gap by delivering 4G LTE network connectivity to 92.2 percent of the population by January 2024. As the first self-sustaining PPP in the country, the project is expected to attract 100 percent of its investment from the private sector. In 2017, the project was awarded to Altán Networks, a consortium of investment funds, strategic partners and telecom experts. When deployed, Altán will deliver the infrastructure during the concession period directly to operators and not to end users, avoiding monpolistic practices.

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