Paramilitary Activity, Subway Repairs
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Paramilitary Activity, Subway Repairs

Photo by:   James Sullivan, Unsplash
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Jorge Ramos Zwanziger By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/11/2021 - 18:04

This week, Wol Birch Reynardson, Co-Founder of Casa Bravo, explained to MBN how rent-to-own as an asset class compares to typical investment opportunities in residential real estate, particularly in Mexico. Álvaro Villar, General Manager of WeWork Mexico, explained the challenges the real estate industry faced as millions around the globe switched to work from home and how this has impacted workers and their priorities.

In other news, FONATUR is now mediating relations between indigenous organizations and military institutions in the regions where the Mayan Train is being built. Also, the Mexico City Metro has been renovated but at a large cost for the city’s government.

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Rent-to-Own: An Emerging Asset Class That Can Work in Mexico - Wol Birch Reynardson, Co-Founder of Casa Bravo

In this article, Wol Birch Reynardson explains how rent-to-own as an asset class compares to typical investment opportunities in residential real estate, particularly in the context of Mexico. Rent-to-own as an asset class is in its infancy, even in the US, he explains. In Mexico, rent-to-own remains virgin territory and an immense opportunity.

Workplace Beyond 2020: How COVID changed the Role of the Office – Álvaro Villar, General Manager at WeWork

Villar shares with MBN his perspective on what working from home is like and the elements it misses from proper office working. There are important qualities to working in a different space that he argues benefit both workers and their companies. To him, people have to embrace this moment as a catalyst to reinvent the workspace. Read more about it here!


FONATUR Accused of Promoting Paramilitary Activity

EZLN, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and other associations have decided to “resist and combat this administration’s megaprojects,” forcing FONATUR to actively mediate the conflict between the Mayan Train’s supporters and these communities. Civil organizations claim to reject the project over security concerns involving regional criminal groups and the “instability” created by the flow of migrants from Mexico’s southern border.

MX$300 Million to Restore Mexico City Metro Lines

The Mexico City Metro has restored the six metro lines that had been paralyzed after the Buen Tono control center fire that occurred last month. Renovations cost millions to the Mexico City government but there are future plans for other renovations and projects to optimize the service.

State Governments Cut Public Infrastructure: IMCO

The Mexican Competitivity Institute (IMCO) reported that states are not prioritizing citizens nor public spending. IMCO warns about irresponsible spending and misuse of public funds.

Photo by:   James Sullivan, Unsplash

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