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Real Estate Market on a Good Streak

By Andrea Villar | Mon, 01/25/2021 - 05:00

Q: How did the idea of founding a real estate company come about? 

A: It was an unexpected experience. I worked in the public sector for a long time but there was a moment when I decided it was time to leap into the void and try to do things differently. Curiously enough, I was selling an apartment and things started to flow quite smoothly in terms of relations with clients and real estate agencies. That heightened my enthusiasm for this sector. I decided that I wanted to work in this field for the long term. It is said that when you find your passion you are on the right path. I felt that from the moment I started selling properties.

That was the beginning of Zona Ser, a real estate company dedicated to the purchase and sale of properties, whether they are houses, apartments, buildings or land. Our goal is to find the right buyer and seller for each property. We also do appraisals and provide legal advice to people looking to buy or sell a unit that has legal problems. 

Q: What sets Zona Ser apart from its competitors?

A: Customized attention defines us. Sometimes with large real estate companies, it is difficult to establish a personal approach. The buyer needs to go through several software filters before really talking to someone. We have even been able to establish friendly ties with our clients and that is the greatest satisfaction we get at the end of the day. 

We are focused on the middle-class sector in Mexico City but we are exploring different opportunities in Puebla. This was not a market that we would have considered but the pandemic brought us here and we have been promoting some properties.

Q: What near-term impact do you foresee on Mexico City due to the pandemic?

A: A house is something that everyone will need in their life. Even in this situation full of uncertainty and economic crisis, we are closing deals. The pre-owned housing sector has seen the most demand in recent months. Economic conditions are forcing people to seek more affordable housing. The most affected sector is the middle class who have had to lower their expectations and look for a more economical property. 

The pandemic is going to mark a before and after in the way we live. Many companies are going to adopt the home office model permanently as they recognize that it means a significant reduction in costs and does not affect the operation like they thought it would. This will allow many to return to their home states and leave Mexico City. 

Much has also been said about the housing deficit in Mexico City. However, due to the crisis, there is now an over-supply of real estate. Many people can no longer pay their mortgages or their rent. At the moment, there are many for sale and for rent signs all over the city. 

Q: In the coming months, what are Zona Ser’s expansion plans?

A: Originally, the idea was only to operate in the central area of Mexico City in 2020 but we now have a presence in the south of the city as well. One of the main challenges that we have faced is convincing ourselves that we can participate in this market against all other players. This is a very dynamic sector and we have realized that there are opportunities for Zona Ser to get involved and grow. 


Zona Ser is a real estate company founded in 2019 to provide services related to real estate sales and purchasing. The company also offers appraisals and provides legal guidance on real estate issues. It has operations in Mexico City and Puebla

Andrea Villar Andrea Villar Journalist and Industry Analyst