Reshaping the Visuals of the Santa Maria District

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 11:47

Monterrey is among the cities at the head of the pack in the verticalization drive. The aim is to redensify neighborhoods, giving its inhabitants the advantage of living and working in close proximity while also being close to lifestyle facilities, such as restaurants, convenience stores, banks and shopping centers. Understanding Monterrey’s need to be more compact, Naranjo Arquitectos is innovating the city’s skyline with vertical residential projects. SM Living is the firm’s reference for compact, quality living spaces.
Located in one of Monterrey’s most vibrant neighborhoods, the Santa Maria district, the project will contribute to reshaping the visuals of the area with its eclectic architectural style, a representative interpretation of the work of Naranjo Arquitectos. SM Living combines the predominance of horizontal and vertical lines of the School of Chicago with classical architecture elements such as cornices.
Above all, SM Living was designed to synchronize with the environment and optimize resources in its daily operations. The discrete simplicity of bricks, used in exterior and interior walls, favor the aesthetics of the project and its thermic and acoustic insulation, protecting the inside from the extreme climate conditions of the city. The huge windows optimize energy consumption by flooding spaces with natural light. Living areas are defined by an open and neutral composition, allowing the user to personalize them as desired.
SM Living has 10 apartments, each composed of two bedrooms and an integrated living space with lounge, dining room and kitchen. These apartments each also have a pantry, a laundry and a private balcony that gazes onto the east of the city. Additionally, the complex includes a set of additional amenities for residents to enjoy at a stone's throw from their homes. This upscale living facility gives users the benefit of living next to two main avenues and near shops and businesses of all kinds, providing a central, convenient but luxurious way to live.