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SEDATU Presents 4S Mobility Guide for Mexico

By Lorenzo Núñez | Fri, 04/30/2021 - 13:14

Officials from SEDATU and the Ministry of Health presented the third volume of the 4S Mobility Guide for Mexico: Healthy, Safe, Sustainable and Supportive.

The third volume of the 4S Mobility Plan entitled: "Guide for the Activation of Recreational Roadways during Health Emergencies" provides local governments with recommendations and guidelines to encourage the expansion, opening and strengthening of recreational roadways. It consists of seven sections that present the benefits of physical activity, health and public space recreational roads and their planning process, as well as the protocols, norms and recommendations within the framework of the health emergency, according to Inmobiliare.

"The urgency of adapting our societies and cities to reactivate the economy in a healthy, safe, and sustainable has guided a group of organizations, associations, consultancy firms, researchers and activists to elaborate this mobility plan towards a new normal," said the federal government, reported by MBN.

Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell mentioned that the goal of this project is to promote the reconstruction of the social fabric, with a vision of inclusion and social equity. “Reopening the public sector has a crucial role to play in the prevention of addictions, emotional or mental health disorders that we see exacerbated today in Mexico and the world under COVID-19 Gatell said.

The government said Mexican society was already in urgent need, even prior to the pandemic, of profound transformations and responsibly face the challenges of mobility and well-being. The government has organized a group of organizations, associations, consultants, researchers, and activists in response to the urgent need of adapting the society and cities to reactivate the eco-economy in a healthy, safe, sustainable and supportive manner, according to the government’s website.

As reported by MBN, on the health axis, strategies include expanding sidewalks, promoting emerging bike lanes and safe public transportation. On the safety and security front, strategies include speed limits, as well as strategic and safe environments. On the sustainability axis, strategies to control cars and motorcycles will be explored, as well as parking spots based on schedules and home-office schemes

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