Senators Plan Mayan Train Visit
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Senators Plan Mayan Train Visit

Photo by:   FONATUR
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Wed, 03/16/2022 - 18:07

Senators of the Tourism Commission have announced a trip to Quintana Roo to supervise the construction of the Mayan Train, given the many changes in its route announced over the last months and the direct involvement of the federal government on the construction of this segment of the train through the army. The delegation will be composed of a multi-party coalition led by the Commission’s President, Senator Antonio García Conejo of PRD. 

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Court Suspends Works on Three Sections of the Mayan Train

A court issued a definitive suspension against construction works in sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Mayan Train due to the negative environmental impact it creates for Mayan communities. The suspension was awarded after the Assembly of Defenders of the Mayan Territory filed for a lawsuit. The Múuch' Xíinbal Assembly for the Defense of the Mayan Territory announced that the Collegiate Court for Labor and Administrative Matters of the Fourteenth Circuit confirmed the decision of the Fourth District Court on the definitive suspension of the environmental permits awarded to the Mayan Train project. 

Mexicable Line 2 88 Percent Complete

The State of Mexico and Mexico City are increasingly connecting through alternative and electric public transportation systems. The most recent project close to inauguration is the second line of the Mexicable, a cable car that will connect the eastern part of Tlalnepantla with Mexico City’s Indios Verdes Metro station. The second line of the Mexicable is 88 percent complete. This route will facilitate sustainable mobility for 200,000 inhabitants of the Mexico City metropolitan area. The route is expected to be operational within the next three months. This elevated transport system has a length of 8.25km and will have seven stations: Indios Verdes, Tanque de Agua, Periférico, San Isidro, Dr. Jorge Jiménez Cantú, La Mesa and Hank González II, the station that will connect with line 1 of the Mexicable.

Suburban Train to AIFA Only 14 Percent Complete

A key Suburban Train extension aiming to connect the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) is only 14 percent complete. The expansion is to be the main public transportation route to the new airport and is expected to open in 2H23, a year and a half after the inauguration of AIFA. The 24km extension of the Suburban Train is constructed by concessionaire Ferrocarriles Suburbanos, which manages 16km of civil works, as well as SEDENA, which oversees the remaining 8km. SICT also participates in the construction of bridges, the relocation of a maneuvering yard and the release of railway rights. The extension will connect Line 1 of the Suburban Train, from its current Lechería station, to AIFA.

AIFA Is One Week Away from Inauguration

One of President López Obrador’s flagship infrastructure projects, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) in Santa Lucía, is now one week away from being inaugurated. No changes or delays in this schedule have been announced by the authorities.

Photo by:   FONATUR

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