SICT Reforms Infrastructure Development Rules for Roads, Rails
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SICT Reforms Infrastructure Development Rules for Roads, Rails

Photo by:   The Ministry of Infrastructure (SICT)
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Adriana Alarcón By Adriana Alarcón | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 08/29/2023 - 17:06

The Ministry  of Infrastructure (SICT) set new provisions for road and rail infrastructure planning to ensure that new developments align with national development goals. 

The new provisions were published in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) and address factors like safety, accessibility, environmental sustainability and economic growth. The rules are set to enter into force on Aug. 30.

The changes involve 13 articles and two transitory articles, which establish administrative provisions for road and railroad infrastructure planning. The provisions modify several articles of the Constitution, the Law of Roads Bridges and Federal Auto Transportation and the Law on Railway Service, which are set to be used by the SICT to plan, regulate and promote infrastructure development.

The document establishes that works, studies, investment projects and other activities related to planning must be aligned with the National Development Plan 2019-2024 and the Sectorial Communications and Transportation Program. Projects should also be consistent with other programs derived from the National Development Plan, such as the National Climate Change Program 2021-2024 and the National Land Management Program 2021-2024.

The Ministry of Infrastructure will review, update and evaluate compliance with the Road and Railway Infrastructure Prospective, which is a long-term planning instrument that encompasses elements such as ten-year planning, diagnosis of the Federal Road Network and connectivity in the main development hubs, among other activities.

Also, in January of each year, the General Direction of Technical Services (DGST) will submit to the Ministry the preliminary content and work schedule for the following year.

Investment projects not contemplated in the Prospective Plan may only be developed or implemented for works considered a priority for SICT, the Federal Government or those required due to a justified emergency. 

Photo by:   The Ministry of Infrastructure (SICT)

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