Luis Pernia
Director General
View from the Top

Smart Infrastructure for Smart Cities

Tue, 11/01/2016 - 15:38

Q: How willing is Mexico to innovate and integrate technology into its processes and infrastructure?

A: Mexico should be proud of its creative and innovative potential. It is making an effort to move beyond manufacturing. PROA is small in comparison to large international companies focused on security and innovation, yet we are perceived as exemplary due to our agility, creativity and innovative culture. Business owners should see the significance of investing in people, technology and process development and stop seeing them primarily as expenses. We have to be creative and make business models that can reap benefits. Companies need to make sure we are not simply selling but creating value for every stakeholder.

Q: What is the target market for your security and efficiency systems?

A: All buildings that are occupied tend to be more sensitive toward safety and cost-efficiency systems. Builders and developers are often significantly less so because they do not have to deal with issues that appear after the property is sold. They do not care if the owners spend more money on energy and security or about the durability of the structure. Our solutions and services are applicable to every kind of building because the entity living or working in the building will want a safe environment and lower operational expenses. Residential complexes, however, do not worry about how much they spend on security and operational efficiency since these costs are passed to renters or individual owners.

Q: What kind of relationship does PROA have with the public sector?

A: We do not directly work with the government but we have provided solutions and services to some government entities that required high-security installations. We are convinced the public sector would greatly benefit from systems that boost efficiency and security in structures like hospitals to increase patient safety, track expensive and critical medical equipment and increase surgery room occupancy and efficiency.

Another example is highways. Automation means people would no longer have to waste up to 15 minutes waiting in line to pay highway tolls. Video analytics software would make the roads safer as the data can be used to identify car license plates and validate the corresponding car’s characteristics. Our technology can automatically evaluate vehicle compliance with regulations on weight and dimensions.

Businesses and society in general need to run on values that emphasize innovation and efficiency. If the private sector desires a more honest landscape, it must be willing to comply with regulations.

Q: What cutting-edge technology is PROA developing?

A: At our Security and Efficiency Innovation Lab in Monterrey, PROA is developing unique algorithms based on Big Data applications that will help companies lower their operational expenses for safety, security and energy consumption. This is achieved by integrating technology and correlating information captured through our Intelligent Platform to monitor, control and command activities and processes.

PROA also is developing a Smart City model within the Terralta residential development in Monterrey that will showcase the significance of safety and efficiency technology. The complex has sensors that can detect cars above the speed limit and uses automatic speed bumps to slow them down. It includes technology to supervise a worker’s physical location to increase productivity and lower the risk of theft. Intelligent video monitoring systems and drones detect abnormal conditions and trigger realtime alarms.

Terralta mimics a small city with 1,000 houses, a golf course and a capacity for about 6,000 daily workers. Water and energy consumption are important resources for the complex’s operations. PROA’s solution consists of a complete system that manages traffic, flow, supply and demand, energy and waste consumption. Managing this residential ecosystem is an amazing opportunity to create value for everyone involved.