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Southeast Mexico More Attractive than Ever

By Andrea Villar | Wed, 08/25/2021 - 05:00

Q: SIMCA has been developing properties in the Mexican southeast for more than 15 years. What is your greatest contribution to the region?

A: Beyond the jobs that SIMCA has created, we have promoted the region. People are now aware of everything the region has to offer. Today, we are one of the largest developers in southeast Mexico, with real estate in Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. We are connected to the world, which is difficult to find today.

We have signed major agreements with the various associations of real estate professionals and we are official sponsors of major international federations and the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI). We belong to large associations in the US and support events like the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

Real estate benefits greatly from everything that a destination like the Mexican southeast has to offer. It provides great accessibility, climate, gastronomy and an enormous diversity of services and activities. The region is experiencing an incredible growth boom. It has theme parks like Xcaret, which was recently named the best theme park in the world, above Disney. The region also has unique natural areas, including the world’s second-largest reef and archaeological sites.

All these features make the Yucatan Peninsula an ideal destination for retirees from the US and Canada. Today, Mexico is the No. 1 destination worldwide for retirees from these two countries. It is an economic destination that is experiencing significant growth, especially in the northern region, which has one of Latin America’s best golf courses and country clubs. The region is starting to connect with Progreso, Yucatan. We recently acquired a marina in Yucalpeten, which brings together the best of two worlds: the modern world and the colonial culture that Merida has to offer. On the other hand, the Riviera Maya offers this echo-chic concept where luxury merges with the natural environment without harming it. Every destination in the southeast peninsula is diverse. 

Q: What projects is SIMCA developing and what are their most attractive features for investors?

A: What we built over a 15-year period, we doubled this year alone. We doubled our 2020 sales in just 1H21, leading us to expand into new projects and diversify. For example, at the Yucalpeten Resort Marina, we have built two of five towers and we are 80 percent sold out. We plan to build a mixed-use project, with a commercial area and a boutique hotel that aims to create a unique lifestyle.

In inland Yucatan, we are launching two projects this year. The first one is Provincia, the first golf course to operate at night. It comes with a spectacular clubhouse and all the services and amenities that one expects from a golf course. One of the great advantages of a lifestyle living resort project like this one is that no matter what day of the week it is, owners do not need to leave the resort to find what they need. On the other hand, the pandemic made us diversify into more than real estate. This is how Endémico was born, our first bet on the industrial sector that is focused on investors looking to diversify their capital. It is a modern industrial area with entertainment areas and even a kids’ club. We are trying to bring the modernity of corporations like Facebook to the industrial sector. 

Furthermore, there is the Riviera Maya, where the boom of digital nomads is now taking place. People from the US, the EU and Canada are finding in this corner of Mexico unrestricted access and a home office away from home. This trend, together with the strength of the dollar, the low-interest rates in the US and the instability of the stock market, has caused investors to turn to the Riviera Maya as a very attractive business opportunity. In this area, we have a project called Gran Tulum, a development of affordable flats a stone's throw from the sea. This is a commitment to the destination and its human capital. At SIMCA we have always been committed to the best architects of the Yucatan school. This is how SIMCA's Arte Habitacional (SIMCA Housing Art) concept was born, which is the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Q: How will the return to the office impact the remote work trend in the Riviera Maya?

A: All the people who came to the Riviera Maya during the past few months have already tasted a bit of paradise and that means they will come back. Also, the pandemic is far from over and as long as it lasts, there will be digital nomads and that will allow many people to get to know this destination. Thanks to this phenomenon, many people are already considering living here permanently. 

Q: What measures is SIMCA taking to reduce the carbon footprint of its developments?

A: SIMCA has always been committed to renewable energies but we definitely have a long way to go. As a construction company, it is difficult to be 100 percent environmentally friendly but we are doing everything we can to make that happen. We are the first developers to install charging stations for electric vehicles in Playa del Carmen. We are also focusing on water treatment and are considering the use of solar energy. It all stems from design. SIMCA seeks to design intelligent buildings that reduce the need for electricity consumption, incorporating large amounts of natural light and LED technology. We also always try to look for environmentally responsible suppliers.


SIMCA Desarrollos is a real estate developer with properties in Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Merida. Its properties include high-end apartments that target investors from Mexico and abroad

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