Steel Producer Invested in Mexico

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 17:15

Mexico is among the top 10 investment destinations in 2017, ranking eighth, ahead of France and Australia, according to a report by PwC. This leads us to believe that despite current global challenges such as exchange rate volatility and political and social instability, Mexico presents opportunities for investment in the construction, production and logistics sectors. This is thanks to a stable economy, significant trade-friendliness and quality human capital, among many other factors. Ten years ago, Gerdau Corsa entered the Mexican market with a long-term vision for its business. The company has certainty and confidence in the potential that the country has for the development of steel 193 construction and envisions competitive opportunities for its entire supply chain. As proof of this, Gerdau Corsa recently made a significant private investment in the state of Hidalgo of US$600 million, completing the construction of a new structural steel structural plant in the year 2015, with an installed capacity of 700,000 tons of rolled products.

With this investment, national production is strengthened and is able to satisfy the demand of the metallic construct market, which we estimate has a growth potential of five times the current consumption of steel. This now stands at 815,000 tons annually. We are providing civil construction and industry markets with more than 110 measures of steel beams, which are produced in a short time, and this facilitates their availability and provides multiple benefits to all players in the value chain. We are aware that the actions carried out by the company in relation to the environment will affect future generations, which is why we invest in clean technologies and water and air treatment systems. In our plants, an Environmental Management System is implemented, which oversees all processes from the reception of raw materials to the delivery of the final product, including the reuse of by-products.

We are concerned about the entry of products imported from countries that adhere to different and lower environmental standards. Their processes contaminate not only their home country, but also the places where the material is exported, affecting the quality of the air and the oceans. We believe that equal environmental and economic standards must be demanded from importers to ensure a level playing field. Mexican steel is making a difference. National production gives way to technologies that result in innovative, high quality products, which are adapted to the needs required by a national and international market.