Carlos Rousseau
Co-Director and Founding Partner of Orange Investments

Tapping into New Marketplaces

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 10:09

A global vision involves dabbling in new markets, which also implies assuming new risks. To increase the chances of succeeding, Carlos Rousseau, Founding Partner of Orange Investments, believes a local ally is key. “When venturing into a new market it is crucial to go hand in hand with relevant local entities and a good network. This partner must be aligned with our organizational vision,” he says.
As an international company, Orange Investments’ goal is to diversify into new marketplaces. “There is not enough room in one country for all players,” Rousseau says. “Our vision is that of a global company, which demands we keep exploring new markets.” For example, in 2018 the company ventured into Colombia and the US. Orange Investments aims to double its size and staff over the next couple of years.
Latin America remains a target market for the company given the region’s potential. “I believe there are more opportunities in countries south of Mexico than to the north, as these markets are in general less sophisticated than Mexico’s,” he says. But expansion involves the challenge of translating the way of doing business in Mexico to other countries. “For example, the Fibras and CKDs market is not very developed in Colombia, so a developer would need to find other vehicles to meet funding needs,” he adds.
In Mexico, the Bajio region is gaining a significant portion of Orange Investments’ attention. Its proximity to Mexico City has made the region a viable alternative for people seeking to relocate near the capital. “Queretaro is a key market for us. Our performance and experience there have been very strong so far,” Rousseau says. “It is attracting important companies and its procedure times are faster than in most of the country.”
But the secret of venturing into new markets is not only about finding the right ally and opportunity. Both must be buttressed by the company’s added value. To keep developing its value, Orange Investments has designed a set of strategies for positive disruption. “We are developing new alliances to upload our company data to the cloud. We are also venturing into IT for project management,” explains Rousseau. The idea is to be able to better connect with the office and the customer 24/7 from any location.
Besides dependability, Orange Investments’ main added value lies in seizing the full potential of projects. “Landowners increasingly are seeking more information about the potential their land holds. They look at us to design the best strategy to reach this potential,” he says. “We seek to carry out projects that will leave a legacy in the life quality of the people and to develop the market. We design these from scratch aiming to leave a positive footprint.”