Arius Zúñiga
Anafapyt (National Association of Manufacturers of Paints and Inks)
Expert Contributor

Time Has Come for Anafapyt to Embrace Change

By Arius Zúñiga Lara | Tue, 03/16/2021 - 13:06

As Heraclitus once said, "The only constant is change." There is nothing more true. In work and within organizations, the process of change brings with it a new perspective and form of leadership.

Adaptation is a key piece in emerging victorious from these twists and turns that occur throughout life. 2020 was a testament to how much life can change from one moment to the next.

However, this is not necessarily a negative thing. Drastic changes can also be good and transform us. The National Association of Manufacturers of Paints and Inks (Anafapyt) is not exempt from these transformations. For our association, the moment of change arrived on Jan. 1 with the appointment of the new Board of Directors and President, a position I have the honor to assume. This will undoubtedly make new and relevant positive contributions to the industry over the next two years.

Change in leadership is not only intrinsic to the passage of time, or related to custom or style, but rather an element that enriches organizations and makes them more and more plural, diverse and avant-garde, since each new leader brings a different vision and provides solutions to new scenarios.

The next two years will be crucial to continue reinforcing the three pillars of the organization: representation, regulation and sustainability. Why these in particular? Because ensuring the interests of all the actors that comprise the association and seeking more ties with related industries help us to act as a united front that can continue to position as a benchmark on a national, regional and international scale.

To do this, we will continue working to maintain and strengthen our relationship with industrial chambers, in addition to having a presence among the different work commissions of the Congress, without forgetting the relationship with state governments, through the development of workplans that reinforce the links with all states, in addition to collaborating on events through regional vice presidencies.

Why is regulation important for Anafapyt? Because it allows us to meet high-quality standards that guarantee the health and well-being of the population, in addition to meeting export criteria that allow us to place our brands in other markets.

In this area, the vision of the new Board of Directors will be focused on acting in advance and reinforcing the work that has been carried out in the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Paints and Coatings (COTENNAREC), creating a space for technical consensus that addresses the needs and regulatory scope of the sector, taking into account quality standards, international norms and end user satisfaction.

Why is sustainability the other pillar of the association? Because it allows us not only to generate savings for companies, but also to take care of the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

In this area, the work to be carried out will consist of anticipating sustainability trends, coupled with the fact that standards are a complement to sustainability plans, while representing the interests of the industry. To do this, we will create a communication program and workplans to convince company directors that sustainability practices contribute to profitability; our work will include consultancies to carry out their implementation, as well as support in management and self-evaluation.

Anafapyt has always been characterized as an organization open to change, but which also knows how to adapt old models to new ones. In this sense, the current Board of Directors will provide continuity to previous projects, while continuing to focus on increasing and providing added value for partners, increasing Anafapyt’s positioning, as well as fostering a positive and collaborative environment, while continuing to contribute to the development of the national industry.

Throughout its history, the Association ‒ founded in 1944 ‒ has undertaken successful projects that have marked the course of the industry and, therefore, generated very positive changes, including the creation of the Mexican Institute of Technicians in Paints and Inks (IMTPYT), as well as the International Ink and Printing Council (now the World Coatings Council, formerly IPPIC) to improve communication and address issues arising from the paints, coatings and printing ink industries on a global scale.

To the above, we can add the organization of the first Economic Forum of Paints and Inks, which will provide the directors of the associated companies with economic information to make correct decisions, as well as the creation of COTENNAREC, the Alliance to Eliminate Lead from the Paint, in conjunction with the UN and the WHO, and the platform to enhance the value of interior design in design and the creative economy, ROOM Design, plus construction, together with the holding of Expo Anafapyt Pinturas and the founding of the Latin American Federation of Technicians and Manufacturers of Paints and Inks (LATINPIN), which I also have the honor of presiding.

This is how, during this period that is now beginning, we will continue working to support each of our associates. We will strive to reactivate the economy and advise them, so that they can withstand complicated periods of turbulence, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The change has just begun. Let us embrace it with optimism and renewed perspectives.

Photo by:   Arius Zúñiga