UK and Chihuahua Push for More Resilient Infrastructure Projects
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UK and Chihuahua Push for More Resilient Infrastructure Projects

Photo by:   Anatolii Nesterov
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 06/01/2022 - 17:40

The UK Embassy in Mexico and Chihuahua’s government agreed that it is important to develop resilient infrastructure projects by carrying out comprehensive analysis and implementation of contingency plans. Authorities began planning works on the Observatory Metro station, which is expected to become the most important public transport center in Mexico City.

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UK Embassy and Chihuahua Analyze Resilient Infrastructure

To foster the development of the infrastructure in the state, a representative of the local Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE) met with staff from the UK Embassy in Mexico to discuss infrastructure and gather key players in the infrastructure and financing environment.

Planning Works for Observatorio Station Have Started

Planning works for the Observatorio subway station have begun. The station is to become a mega-terminal that would connect with line 1 of the Metro System and the extensions of lines 9 and 12, as well as link with the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train.

Tlaxcala To Encourage Industrial Development Via Route 136

Tlaxcala seeks to consolidate itself as a new attractive destination for industrial investment. During the first months of the newly inaugurated state government, MX$4.68 billion (US$ 237.46 million) in private investment was raised. One of the state’s main bets is the industrial park development of Route 136.

Puebla International Airport to Modernize for Cargo Flights

Puebla's international airport could expand its commercial and cargo operations as a result of the reconfiguration of the Valley of Mexico’s airspace. The state government seeks to take advantage of this opportunity to promote economic growth and investment in the state.

Arca Continental to Invest in PET Recycling Infrastructure

Arca Continental, one of the world’s biggest bottlers of Coca-Cola , announced a joint investment of US$9 million to upgrade its recycling collection and recycling infrastructure. Along with Coca-Cola and its recycling-focused subsidiary PetStar, the company aims to create a sustainable circular business model.

Water Infrastructure Will Boost Nuevo Leon’s Growth: CMIC

Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel García declared that the state has a net water deficit of over 15 percent. For this reason, an investment of US$1.2 billion is required to drill more water wells, detect leaks and check the quality of existing capacity, all to reach the goal of sourcing over 16,000L/s by Aug. 2022.


Photo by:   Anatolii Nesterov

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