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UMAI Asks Government for Inclusion in Key Projects

By Fernando Mares | Thu, 08/11/2022 - 13:55

The Mexican Union of Engineering Associations (UMAI) urged the federal government to consider the participation of its members in key infrastructure projects, which according to the organization will bring several benefits to the projects and the country, owing to its ample expertise regarding infrastructure issues.

José Domínguez, President, UMAI, urged the federal government to include UMAI members, which include associations, colleges and federations, in key infrastructure projects like the Mayan Train. According to Domínguez, these projects would benefit via cost savings and shorter execution times. “We propose that our specialists should be closer involved with the planning, construction and execution processes,” Domínguez added. 

Domínguez stressed that UMAI has engineers specialized in the areas where the federal government needs support, such as water engineering, airports and railways. Therefore, the federal government should take advantage of the knowledge of UMAI members. Even though the organization’s members have contributed to projects, this participation does not suffice, he added. 

Civil engineers participated during the initial phase of the Felipe Angeles International Airport’s (AIFA) construction, but they were later replaced by military engineers. Domínguez highlighted the importance of the Interoceanic Corridor as a project where civil engineers could add value. He added that he did not have access to enough information to judge the development of the Mayan Train, but said that the environment must be protected. “We urge president López Obrador to look toward local engineers for the construction of their main projects… our intention is to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce costs, to shorten times and correct some points so far not considered,” he added. 

Domínguez highlighted that during the 70 years of UMAI’s history, the organization has participated in important projects like the construction of 25,000 hotels, 70 airports and thousand kilometers of roads.  

As part of the organization’s efforts to participate in federal projects, Domínguez said that he has been in contact with the government as he aims to meet with López Obrador and propose UMAI’s involvement in federal projects. He said that in the coming days, he will attend one of the president’s daily press conferences to discuss the matter. 

UMAI is a non-profit organization that gathers engineers from different fields in Mexico. It aims to represent and protect the interests of its members, foster relationships with third parties, determine norms and procedures regarding education and promote research, among other goals.

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Fernando Mares Fernando Mares Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst