‘Versatile Chemical’ Offers Efficiency, Environmental Advantages
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‘Versatile Chemical’ Offers Efficiency, Environmental Advantages

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Javier Castañeda - Calidra
Sales General Manager


Q: What is the added value that Calidra provides in lime and calcium production?

A: We use lime and calcium to improve asphalt mixtures. They drastically improve the granulometric curve, serving as a very specific filler due to their properties. With such a wide range of products used for various types of industries, we have assembled a team of specialized technicians and engineers for each industry. For instance, in just one sector such as infrastructure, we have route and asphalt specialists, as well as industrial park specialists.

At Calidra, we abide by a thorough process to ensure the quality of our products. These products have detailed technical characteristics aimed at specific industries. Everything is supported by our state-of-the-art technology. We also have the advantage of having a diversified and wide range of plants. We have 23 facilities across the country, which keeps us in close proximity to our clients.


Q: What are the challenges of attracting new industrial clients?

A: One of the biggest challenges with many industries relates to the fact that they tend to do the same thing over and over again, which makes it very challenging to introduce innovation in regard to newer technologies and techniques. However, we have worked with contractors who have introduced our products into their projects after seeing the benefit in costs, efficiency and performance of these newer products. Eventually, they become our long-term partners.

Whenever we are introduced to a new project, we accompany our clients from the beginning of the design stage. Later, we participate in the design testing phase. We also provide them with monitoring tools. We have had clients that have doubled the lifespan of their projects with our products, while reducing their costs by half.


Q: How can lime help the construction industry in the development of green solutions like water collection systems?

A: Roads that are built with lime contribute to the ecological balance because it replaces material that is taken from a bank. Traditionally, materials are taken from an ecological resource and then transported to the worksite. Even the transportation phase of the material includes contaminants due to the use of diesel engines. We contribute to sustainable construction by replacing these materials altogether, which bodes well for our clients.

In the mining industry, which commonly uses sulfide solutions in the extraction of metals, lime captures polluting molecules, contributing to a cleaner operation. Lime is also useful in the neutralization of tailings. There is a reason why lime is commonly known as the “versatile chemical.”


Q: How can products such as Quimex 90, Quimex 95, Quimex 97 and Oxid help mining companies reduce their environmental impact?

A: The number in those product names indicates the purity of the material and its different uses. The purer the lime, the higher its reaction and its grading, which contributes to its performance. Mining companies use these products to adjust the acidity level in their tailings. Tailings are critical to a mining operation and our products allow for an improved management of the tailings and their molecular properties. Our product range does not necessarily mean that one is better than the other but, rather, it provides our clients with options, depending on their operations.


Q: How has Calidra improved its production processes to reduce its environmental footprint?

A: We are firmly committed to environmental protection and sustainable production. The philosophy behind our products is the improvement in efficiency, which reduces the environmental impact of the finished projects. We also have very strict and thorough quality control of our products to ensure customers obtain the highest graded products in the market, further helping to reduce their carbon emissions.  


Q: As an international leader in the lime industry, what is your role in the recovery of the national economy and the development of the Mexican industry?

A: We are a stable company, meaning that we are continuing to create job opportunities in the country. Despite a turbulent year, we were able to maintain a stable workflow and workforce. We contribute to the market by offering sustainable products that improve the efficiency of our customers’ projects.

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