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The Week in Infrastructure : National Infrastructure Plan’s Unveiling Imminent

By Alejandro Ehrenberg | Thu, 11/14/2019 - 17:35

Mexico is ready to launch its National Infrastructure Plan, which the private sector had been waiting for with much anticipation. Prominent industry leaders said they are ready to partner with government agencies and close Mexico’s infrastructure gap during the Mexico Infrastructure and Sustainability Summit held on Wednesday at Mexico City’s Hotel Marquis. In the US, Joe Biden proposed to implement a massive infrastructure plan if elected in November 2020. Meanwhile, China will lower the capital ratio requirements for some infrastructure projects in an effort to boost growth.



Arturo Herrera, Minister of Finance, and Carlos Salazar, President of the Business Coordinating Council, said the new National Infrastructure Plan will be announced on November 26, which will include projects worth “tens of billions of pesos.” During the Mexico Infrastructure and Sustainability Summit, panelists highlighted the commitment of the private sector to bridging Mexico’s infrastructure gap.

Fibra Uno completed the largest real estate purchase of the year in Latin America worth US$841 million.

President López Obrador said water services will not be privatized in Mexico. Hidalgo State Governor Omar Fayad indicated the possibility of charging Mexico City for water at some point in the future.

The first highway made with recycled plastic was inaugurated in Mexico.



Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden proposed a US$1.3 trillion infrastructure plan.

The US, Japan, Australia and other like-minded countries have launched the Blue Dot Network, a certification program that will set international standards for big infrastructure projects. It aims at counterbalancing China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 

In order to boost industrial and economic growth, China will lower the capital ratio requirements for some infrastructure projects.

Alejandro Ehrenberg Alejandro Ehrenberg Journalist and Industry Analyst