Yucatan Farmers Block Mayan Train Construction
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Yucatan Farmers Block Mayan Train Construction

Photo by:   FONATUR
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Thu, 12/16/2021 - 18:06

A group of farmers and landowners from the municipality of Cacalchen, Yucatan have managed to block Mayan Train workers from accessing their construction site, reports Por Esto. Organizers of this blockage claim that these Mayan Train worksites block their access to their land. According to a statement from their leader, these farmers will continue to block access to these worksites until an overpass is built that guarantees the accessibility of their territory. 

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Real Estate Infrastructure Granted to DHL

Mexico-based Real Estate Investment Trust Fibra Mty announced DHL’s new distribution center acquisition in Monterrey for a 10-year term. The multi-million-dollar acquisition will enable DHL to have access to institutional financing for real estate operations in the country. “The first real estate investment trust that is fully internally managed, communicates to investors it has completed the acquisition of industrial property for US$22.4 million, plus VAT on construction and other taxes and acquisition costs. The property is leased by DHL Supply Chain Mexico,” says Fibra Mty through a press release.

Global Supply Crunch Obstructs Mexico City’s Transport Infrastructure

The global supply chain crisis has delayed the development of Mexico City’s Trolleybus, along with other city mobility projects, mainly due to the steel shortage. These delays have affected the possibility of offering a unique, rapid, low-cost, sustainable and high-capacity transportation alternative. Worldwide steel supply logistical problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have postponed the inauguration of the Eje 8 Sur Elevated Trolleybus until 2022, despite having 80 percent of the project completed.

CTT Corridor Becomes Mexico’s Largest Industrial Park Infrastructure Hub

The Cuautitlan-Tultitlan-Tepotzotlan logistics corridor located in Mexico’s biggest industrial hub, has now become the most important in the country, concentrating large logistics and distribution centers for multiple industries, low-time delivery and a growing e-commerce client base. "Developers continue to bet on having investments in this corridor because its location significantly facilitates logistics and distribution activities, an area where an estimated 20 percent of the country's population lives," reports Datoz, a commercial real estate data provider in Mexico.

Mayan Train, Transisthmic Corridor and Felipe Angeles Airport No Longer “Strategic”

A court mandated decision has now reverse President López Obrador’s decree which last week dictated that the major infrastructure projects of his administration, which include the Mayan Train, the Transisthmic Corridor and the Felipe Angeles Airport, were declared “nationally strategic” and thus no longer required to fulfill transparency regulations. 

Photo by:   FONATUR

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