Weekly Roundups
The Mexican construction sector was one of the most affected during the pandemic. However, it is expected to recover with the country's…
Marie Pierre
Expert Contributor
Marie-Pierre Mercier
Country Director
Billions of people are at risk of suffering water shortages. Technology can help, writes Marie-Pierre Mercier.
Luis Lindoro
View from the Top
Luis Miguel Lindoro
Project Director
Luis Miguel Lindoro discusses INSUR’s transparent philosophy in the construction business and how it paid off during the pandemic.
Weekly Roundups
One of the most important bridges in the Mayan Train’s route has begun its construction process. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Enrique Lomnitz, Isla Urbana
View from the Top
Enrique Lomnitz
Director General
Isla Urbana
Rainwater harvesting can provide many social, economic and sustainability benefits, says Isla Urbana’s Enrique Lomitz.
Image by JanBaby from Pixabay
News Article
SCT published its main infrastructure goals as the federal government seeks to connect the country.
News Article
The train could connect not only to the Chetumal-Belize border, but also go as far as St. Helena.
Michele Porrino
View from the Top
Michele Porrino
Executive Director
WTC San Luis Potosi
Logistics, workforce and robust supply chains are some of the benefits that WTC San Luis Potosi offers companies looking to expand their operations.
News Article
Mexico has significantly improved its agricultural practices and promoted agroforestry, said SADER.
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