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CFI Sets Record for Longest Accident-free Streak

By Pamela Benítez | Tue, 09/21/2021 - 12:09

CFI, an operating company of TFI International Inc., leader in transportation and logistics in North America, recently announced that maintenance collaborators in their Laredo, Texas service center have beaten a four-year streak of accident-free operations. There has not been a single safety incident recorded since 2017 in the CFI’s largest facility. It is the longest time a service center in CFI has gone with no accidents in their 75-year history.

Inside the Laredo facility, full truckload operations are held through their four dock spaces aimed to adjust customer loads for safety and security. Also, the dock spaces provide certainty for the compliance with DOT regulations.

The company’s President, Greg Orr, applauded Laredo’s associates for their team work to put safety first, as this is one of the four core values at CFI. According to Orr, the Texan service center managed to be constant on their focus to maintain safe working practices in the workplace, where safety remained top of mind all of the time.

“Anyone who has ever worked in equipment maintenance, knows that there is the potential for a lapse in safety focus virtually every minute of every day […] for our Laredo team to go an entire four years – and counting – without a safety incident is a remarkable achievement, and one for the record books at CFI. It’s a testament to our core value of safety.”

The company also operates a similar facility on the Mexico side of the border, which manages the Mexico leg of the company’s cross-border traffic and its coordination with Mexico-based trucking partners who provide for the intra-Mexico first- and last-mile delivery of trailers, according to CFI´s webpage.

In addition, CFI announced last October an important enlargement of its capabilities and resources that support shipments in the Mexico-US routes. Simultaneous to this announcement, CFI celebrated its 35 anniversary of intra-Mexico and their cross-border truckload freight services.

“CFI is a proven, trusted and committed player in the cross-border market, providing first and last-mile less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload services within Mexico,” said Orr. He also recognized that the company was increasing their investment in the country while other truck lines were withdrawing from the industry in Mexico. The reason for increasing expenses lies in the objective of expanding the quality of their services to shippers on both sides of the border.

CFI also rebranded its Mexico operations under the name of CFI Mexico, merging both CFI Logistica and CFI Mexico Truckload services, to create a more consolidated customer experience.

The seventh C&D cross-dock operation with Mexico is in Nogales, joining Monterrey, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Nuevo Laredo and Guadalajara, CFIs headquarters in the country. In these service centers, Mexico LTL shipments are built up and routed into the US for delivery. When the truckload consolidation comes from the US, cross-docks in Mexico are the ones that receive them, to then be broken out for local LTL delivery within the country. Due that CFI has long-term established partnerships with prime Mexican truck lines and in addition to the company’s own facilities, CFI owns a terminal network in the country.

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