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Chatbots: New Tool to Streamline Logistic Solutions

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 05/07/2021 - 14:46

Mexican company Auronix, a key player in the design of chatbots, has brought its solutions to the logistics sector, reports T21

What is a chatbot? It is a type of AI that is becoming an increasingly popular alternative in a company’s communication channels. Oftentimes, chatbots act as the first point of contact with clients and only when a solution is not found, a human employee enters the equation. Chatbots take the stress off the company’s shoulders, as the chatbot learns over time to improve its performance through machine learning, explains MBN

Years ago, ​​chatbots were seen as a distant technology. Today they are mainstream and increasingly common in sectors outside technology and communication. Using chatbots clears up employees’ time so they can focus on the company’s core capabilities. “Prospective clients are now looking for automated solutions that will allow them to offer better services, in better time and in a more cost-efficient manner,” said Eduardo Farina, Director-General BlueMessaging, in an interview with MBN. For the logistic sector, chatbots are enough to answer some of the most common questions clients might have, such as “Where is my package?”

Auronix has been in the market for 27 years. The company started supplying hardware solutions for the technology and telecommunications sector but 15 years ago, it changed its strategy towards the world of instant messaging through corporate SMS, explains T21. This strategy allowed Auronix to thrive, specifically in sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, retail and e-commerce and logistics. “People now not only want to message with family and friends, but they also want to communicate and message with companies as easy as if it were with a family member and a friend. Auronix’s focus for the past couple of years has been to empower companies so they can connect with their customers through messaging channels,” said Martín Urrutia, Co-CEO of Auronix, in an interview with T21. Urrutia explains that the company’s bots can clear up to 90 percent of the customer’s doubts, with the other 10 percent being responded to by human employees.

A chatbot is often described as one of the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines, explains Expert.AI. By using chatbots, Auronix aims “to automate the automatable to humanize the extraordinary,” Urrutia said to T21.

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