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Mexican Air Cargo Maintains Decreasing Trend

By Pedro Alcalá | Tue, 05/26/2020 - 19:28

The 1Q20 results are in and they are pretty grim: all 10 of Mexico’s most important airports registered a decline in air cargo traffic when compared to the same period last year. While a decrease in metrics related to passenger flights is to be expected given the circumstances created by COVID-19, decreases in air cargo traffic are more notable because in the midst of the pandemic, all supply lines must be kept as active as possible to account for the increased demand and activity from certain sectors, such as health and agribusiness. Examples of these have been reported over the past few weeks, such as the implementations of “Public Health Corridors” for air cargo traffic and the air cargo supply of ventilator shipments. 

According to a report from T21 which cites statistics gathered by SCT, rankings are as follows. Surprisingly, the airport with the largest decrease was not that of Mexico City but the Queretaro Intercontinental Airport, which closed 1Q20 with a total air cargo traffic of 10,812 tons, which represents a 25.8 percent decrease when compared to the 14,573 tons registered in 1Q19. Mexico City International Airport registered a decrease of 10.8 percent from 143,247 tons in 1Q19 to 127,750 tons in 1Q20. Third place goes to Monterrey International Airport with a decrease of 10.6 percent, from 13,493 to 12,057 tons. Tijuana International Airport came in fourth place with a 10.4 percent decrease from 7,413 to 6,645 tons, followed by San Luis Potosi’s airport with a 9.8 percent reduction from 5,953 to 5,368 tons. 

Merida’s airport took sixth place with a 9.3 percent decrease from 5,514 to 5,003 tons, followed by Hermosillo with a 7 percent decrease from 2,694 to 2,505 tons. Eighth place was occupied by Cancun International Airport, also with a 7 percent decrease from 8,098 to 7,542 tons. Ninth place went to another airport with high volumes of air cargo traffic: Guadalajara, with a decrease of 1.2 percent from 42,564 to 42,056 tons. Finally, the airport with the smallest decrease in air cargo traffic was Toluca, which decreased 0.6 percent from 8,859 to 8,809 tons.

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MBN, T21
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Pedro Alcalá Pedro Alcalá Journalist and Industry Analyst