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Network of Networks: DHL Supply Chain’s Solution

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 04/30/2021 - 09:58

DHL Supply Chain wants to create a ‘network of networks' in Mexico that incorporates all the digital capacities and infrastructure the company has to coordinate the numerous movements of goods across the country, reports T21. This division is focused on strengthening DHL’s logistics network to optimize results across all sectors it operates in. 

The arrival of the pandemic caused an exponential growth of e-commerce around the globe, DHL said on its website. Now, companies have to grow to match it. To address this, DHL Supply Chain believes that a robust logistics solution has become essential for the success of any e-commerce strategy. Now, it is necessary to use operational capabilities and technology innovation to continue to deliver positive customer experiences. “Optimized operations, with cost-effective fulfillment centers and transport solutions, will be as crucial as technology implementations that provide efficiency and end-to-end visibility to the e-commerce supply chain,” read’s DHL’s website.

The key, for the company, is to create optimized networks that link the necessary tools from all business aspects. “These different networks today use independent equipment and infrastructure, a planning team, an order management team and a TR1 transport team, including TR2 transport. With the ‘network of networks,’ we will begin to synchronize these networks, guaranteeing the availability of the products, guaranteeing delivery times and, of course, improving efficiencies,” said Alejandro Echeverri, DHL's Director of Transport, to T21.

“More than ever, supply chain agility and resilience are decisive to ensure the success of operating models that rapidly respond to varying consumer trends in the current and future economic and social climate,” writes DHL on its website. The company states this is the time when data-driven decisions will generate the most agility and, ultimately, decide who will benefit in the current logistics market. 

For that reason, the company decided to strengthen its infrastructure in Mexico. The goal of this new network is to synchronize all aspects of its operations in Mexico, load different kinds of merchandise into a truck that can go through different operation centers and hubs and then deliver to over 10,000 destinations in the country. “We are going to open a couple of new cross-dockings and a couple of new hubs, which will be linked to our control tower. We are opening a couple of additional operations in Silao and perhaps Chihuahua, to support this ‘network of networks,’” said Juan Carlos Aderman, VP of Transport for DHL Supply Chain Mexico and Latin America, in an interview with T21.

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