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Picap to Bring Optimized Logistics Services to Mexico

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:40

Colombian startup Picap, which operates in Mexico City, Merida, Puebla, Queretaro, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca and Pachuca, just launched Pibox Enterprise, reports T21. This new service aims to help in-route delivery people find better transportation routes, while guaranteeing easier traceability of shipments to optimize last-mile delivery services. The company has also been working to expand its capacity and reach. In Mexico, the startup is planning to expand to four other cities during 2021, reports Milenio

According to Picap, the COVID-19 pandemic was a hard blow initially but the company used it as an opportunity to grow its shipping services. “Our technology moved around 3 million packages monthly and is now being used by companies that did not have the logistic capabilities to track their shipments,” said Daniel Meléndez, Country Manager for Mexico at Picap, to Milenio.

In a very short time, e-commerce and logistics companies had to adjust the way they operate. Reason for which the company decided to launch its Pibox Enterprise services. “This new Pibox line was born after listening to our customers, something we continue to do to improve service. For example, an allied company wanted to know how long their couriers took to make deliveries, so we developed a function that calculates the time that the courier spends with a customer. This information is useful to operators as they can use it to better understand their customers,” said Daniel Rodríguez, CEO of Picap, according to T21. This allows the company to understand how long a courier stayed with a client and the exact time at which any product was delivered. It also allows companies to generate better routes using vehicle geolocation. Pibox also offers shipping control, order tracking and many more services, explains Milenio. The company has reported monthly growth rates of 20 percent. 

Picap’s service is designed to optimize logistics for companies that already have their own fleets and give them the necessary software to automate and visualize their networks. The main ally for the company is technology, something that many logistics operators in Mexico have embraced to offer better solutions. “Thanks to technology, we can generate the necessary solutions, redesign routes, calculate the demand levels of our customers and generate the services they require. Today logistics companies are information companies as well,” said Ingo Babrikowski, CEO of Estafeta, in an article he wrote for MBN. To read Ingo’s article click here!

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